Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Research: Liars Raise Eyebrows in Surprise and Smile Slightly

While liars were betrayed by tiny movements that caused them to raise their eyebrows in surprised expressions and smile slightly, innocent people tended to furrow their brow in genuine "expressions of distress" , the researchers found. 

A person's lack of control over their facial expressions meant genuine feelings could be differentiated from fake emotion, they said. Most humans , according to them, can control lower face muscles to talk or eat but those in the upper face are difficult to manipulate and can spark involuntary behaviour. 

"Our research suggests that muscles of the face are not under complete conscious control and certain muscles are likely to betray the liar," Dr Leanne ten Brinke, who led the study, said.

 "Facial cues are an important , but often ignored, aspect of credibility assessments where an emotional issue is in question. Cues to emotional deception are likely to occur when the underlying emotion a liar is attempting to mask, is strong."