Saturday, October 31, 2009

Looking Down His Nose

Jean Sarkozy during the election of a new member of the EPAD agency in Nanterre

Oct 23 2009
Chairman of the EPAD agency and French Minister in charge of the government's economic recovery plan, Patrick Devedjian attends the Hauts-de-Seine general council in Nanterre, west of Paris, France on October 23, 2009 during the meeting for the election of a new member of the EPAD agency overseeing development in La Defense district, seeked by him. Sarkozy junior, an elected councillor in the rich Paris suburb of Neuilly, at the centre of a bitter row over alleged nepotism, abandoned on October 22 his bid for a job managing France's wealthiest business district. Photo by Mousse/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

When a person lifts their head and tilts it backwards, they are conveying that they feel superior and people will perceive them as haughty. If it is combined with a thrust of their chin it is conveying they are ready for a fight. It is always interpreted as a negative gesture. Do one likes to see someone else look down their nose at others.◦

Listen to Paul Ekman Being Interviewed with Audience for One Hour


Friday, October 30, 2009

OCC and An "Act of God" and Laughing

Watch the below video, and then I'll tell you what I think about American Chopper, and Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. and Mikey Teutul.

Police detectives are on the lookout of laughing from the suspects, it is a red flag. Laughing at inappropriate times can be a sign of nervousness. Always be watchful for laughing when it is done for other reasons other than something funny is being said or happening.

In this case, at the very end Mikey laughs. It is not out of nervousness, he is genuinely tickled with his statement. This leads me to believe that HE IS GOD (just kidding big guy), the way they film promos well after the episodes are completed... leads me to believe they have already reconciled and Mikey is the reason Paul Junior and Senior have come to some sort of understanding.◦

Survivor Samoa Episode 7

Last night's tribal council was not as emotionally packed and charged as the past several. I found the electing of "Shambo" as the leader to be the most emotionally charged event. Take a look at the other women's faces.

The first woman's face we see subtle surprise in the eyes, and hand in front of her mouth- she either doesn't want to say something or dislikes what is being said- you can be the judge. If you are unfamiliar with detecting micro expressions you may have to pause and move around the video a little to see her eyes "pop."

The second woman we see the subtle expression of anger in her eyes, see the intensity of her gaze; and pursed lips...◦

Jessica Simpson Shows Subtle Sadness

Jessica Simpson is very expressive during an interview at QVC FFANY event in NYC

Oct 13 2009
Jessica Simpson is very expressive during an interview at QVC FFANY event in at Rose Hall, NYC. Pictured: Jessica Simpson Picture by: JS / Splash News

Jessica's shows us subtle sadness in this picture from a couple of weeks ago.◦

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Jaw Drop

Thinkstock Images Single Image Set

Here we see it in conjunction with the facial expression of surprise. If the eyes were not wide open it would be considered subtle surprise. We can usually see the jaw drop when someone is excited, surprised, or even in times of uncertainty.◦

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lying Game/Experiment


Interview A

Interview B

The Truth


2008 Manny Ramirez Interview About Steroid Scandal

In this video interview from 2008, Manny Ramirez talks about when the news broke about A-rod's steroid use.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bernie Madoff Hands are Saying He is Ready for a Fight

Take a look at this old video of Bernie Madoff and watch his hands. They come out of his pockets in fists. This is an obvious agressive signal.

If you read Joe Navarro's book 'What Every Body is Saying' (the cover can be seen on the right hand side bar) he tells of an early job where he sold things door to door, and if the person answered the door with his hands in fists he was not going to get a sale.◦

Monday, October 26, 2009

Personality Test


What is Wrong with this 911 Call?

Sarah went upstairs to draw a bath in the master. She liked her calming baths. The young dental hygienist had been tormented with more of her headaches that afternoon. The young couple in the suburban Cincinnati home that evening had been married for just 114 days.

Is there anything wrong with this 911 call, should we be suspicious? Yes.

Lets take a look at the following two statements:

A frantic young man called 911: "Get an ambulance to 168 Birch. My friend's been shot!"

In another instance, the father of a 1-year-old boy reported, "Yes, ma'am ... my, my son can't breathe."

Do 911 homicide calls contain clues that could help investigators identify the killer? In these two examples, the first caller demanded immediate medical assistance for his friend and did not commit the crime. In the second instance, the father politely reported his child's condition, never asking for help... and was later convicted.

Let's also look at what he says a little further.

Ryan Widmer: my wife...she fell asleep in the bathtub, I think. I was downstairs, I just came up here and she was laying face down in the bathtub.

He is already attempting to deliver an alibi of not being in the bathroom. This is extranous information. He is also saying that she feel asleep, this is odd- wouldn't it be more natural to assume an accident? or state she is not breathing? Did he remove her from the bathtub?

In fact the story continues as we can see in the transcript:

The prosecutors began with the first moments of the case: Ryan's call to 911.

911 call:

Dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency?

Ryan Widmer: My wife, she fell asleep in the bathtub, I think. I was downstairs, I just came up here and she was laying face down in the bathtub.

Dispatcher: in the water?

Ryan Widmer: Yes.

Dispatcher: She's in the bathtub?

Ryan Widmer: Yes, she's, the water is draining right now.

On the stand the emergency dispatcher testified that the voice on the phone that night was giving more details than he usually hears in a call like this.

Dispatcher: It seemed the caller was rather calm. Usually, I can't get anything out of them.

To the lead detective's ears, the husband was giving too much information.

Lieutenant Braley: He started his story with, “I was downstairs watching TV. And my wife fell asleep in the tub.” Well, how does he know that? Why is it important to establish where he's at and what he's doing."◦

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Week's Inauguration Of President Yudhoyono Takes Place In Indonesia

Inauguration Of President Yudhoyono Takes Place In Indonesia

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - OCTOBER 20: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono prays during the Inauguration ceremony for President Yudhoyono at the House of Representative building on October 20, 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Today's inauguration is the second for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono and marks the beginning of the new Democrat administration following their election in July. This is the second term for Yudhoyono, who was also elected by the Indonesian people in the 2004 elections, defeating incumbent Megawati Sukarnoputri. A fresh Cabinet will be announced tomorrow. (Photo by Oscar Siagian/Getty Images)

See how Yudhoyono is praying. In many places around the world prayer is done with the palms of the hands facing towards the Heavens, this is to show honesty to God. Many times in our own Christian churches there are rituals where our Ministers and Pastors offer blessings and prayers in this position, for the very same reasons.◦

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Priest Found Slain in Rectory of His N.J. Church

October 24, 2009 The 61-year-old Roman Catholic priest Ed Hinds was found in his clerical robes in the rectory kitchen at about 8 a.m. Friday after he failed to appear for morning Mass.

Please notice the Bishop being interviewed at about 45 seconds into the news story. I find his lack of emotion (grief, sadness, etc) to be a bit unexpected. I also find it odd how he shakes his head no right after he states that he is anxious to find out the circumstances of his death. I would only expect such a business like tone to be from someone who did not know him, which could be the case here, but you'd still think there would be some emotion, perhaps fear or anger that a murder has taken place on church property?!?! The neighbor who mentions that he saw him walking his dog every morning does show emotion, I would expect to see at least subtle versions of the same emotion the neighbor shows from anyone from the church.

In no way am I inferring he had something to do with the murder, this is a hot spot, whereas if I was the investigator I would ask him about his seemingly lack of emotion to gain more information.◦

Suprasternal Notch and Women

This week in the latest Criminal Minds television show I saw this gesture. It is not often we see this gesture but the police and those that help victims of crimes against women are most likely to see it.

When woman touches the area between the neck and their breast bone it is a pacifying behavior. I first learned of this in the book What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People where the author describes how he would often see this gesture in the victims of assault.

I have often seen a variation of this gesture when women touch and play with their necklaces.

When you see this you are generally looking at someone who is experiencing some discomfort, emotional trauma, and/or insecurities.◦

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Office Season 6 Ep.7 The Lover

The Office is a guilty pleasure. This season I have noticed something exciting, the body language of the acting has been spot on, many television shows are hiring body language experts and/or acting teachers that match the script to specific gestures and facial expressions and this takes the acting and the show to the next level. It really works well in the style of this show.

One example of this is a meeting they had in the office, watch their facial expressions as the meeting unfolds. Their facial expressions are well thought out and the different cast members are showing opposite expressions at the same time, often times you will have one character showing happiness while another is showing sadness; they are effectively conveying emotions on both ends of the continuum.


Survivor Samoa Episode 6 Tribal Council

Tribal Council starts about 2 minutes into the video. This is once again a great study in body language and reading people.

There are roughly ten items I could talk about in the first 8 seconds; I choose the fear expression and adam's apple jump from John as he leans forward- eyes wide open and lips pulled back.

Watch as people exhale, most had been holding their breath, and watch their throats to see them swallow and their adam's apples moves, they are experiencing stress.

We go a couple of minutes seeing sadness, frustration, and defeat and several head shakes, then BAM, at 5:51 we are rewarded with the microexpression of ANGER, her eyes are first wide open, then a split second later the eye lids tighten.

At 6:47 we see surprise, jaw and eyes wide open.

At 7:27 Erik becomes dominant and watch the finger pointing towards the other tribe. He may of alienated himself for when the tribes merge. Pointing a finger at another is the most aggressive gestures a person can do, and people absolutely hate it when someone points at them in this manner.◦


Shocked Woman Holding Hands to Face

We see full surprise in the eyes and mouth. When we see a person holding the cheeks of their face with both hands it is an intense emotion and they are attempting to self pacify.◦

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Signs of Violence with Guns is About to Occur

New York police are looking for a man that was caught on tape firing several shots into a business. Three men were struck, one died from a gunshot wound to the chest. This video is silent. (Oct. 13)

Having looked at several security camera tapes that ends with a person pulling a gun out, there are similarities that we can learn from.

You may want to view a previous post of this video where a person robs a store.

Some common things I see are: both hands in their pockets (already gripping the gun), some sort of 'checking out' of their 'goal,' and a backing off right before the violence starts- as if they give themselves some time to ask themselves if they were going to go through with it.◦

Lightman's Tongue Jut

Last week I mentioned this gesture when Torres did it, this week we can see it when Lightman does it.

This gesture can have several meanings depending on the context: I got caught, gleeful excitement, I got away with something, I am naughty, or I did something foolish.

In this case it means I got away with something.◦

Rod Blagojevich Video Interview on The View

Rod Blagojevich pleading his case again in Feb of 2009. Now that he is appearing in court, let's take a look at some of his past statements.◦

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mother Pleads for Return of Florida Girl, My Thoughts

Somer Thompson disappeared on way home from school on Monday, and her mother Diena Thompson appeared on The Today Show this morning.

The mother had nothing to do with her daughter's disappearance. What she is showing is true emotion; she is experiencing and showing 'normal' reactions given the experience and circumstances.◦

Justice Who Denied Marriage Won't Resign

The white justice of the peace in Louisiana who refused to marry an interracial couple told reporters that he has no plans to resign. Louisiana's governor and a U.S. senator are joining the call for his ouster.

The only good thing to come of this unfortunate situation is we can examine the statements made by the soon-to-be former justice.

Everybody has an 'Internal Dictionary' where we define things to ourselves. the same word can and often does have different meanings to different people.

In the video the judge is asked (in a non direct manner) if he is a racist, and he gives us his definition- in his internal dictionary a racist is someone who "hates black people" and to treat them differently than everybody else. In his mind he does not hate and is not treating them differently than everybody else.

You might ask, well you treated this couple differently than an all white couple or an African American couple ... which is the correct question. We must analyze the statement and look for deeper meaning. How could the judge's definition fit with the situation so logically it 'works' and 'fits' and when we answer this question we have a deeper understanding of his perspective.

How could someone be so right (in his thinking, in his mind's eye) yet be so wrong (in his thinking)- which is why he is unfit to be a judge...◦

Finger in Front of His Mouth

Bank executives discuss TARP fund use in Washington

Robert Kelly of Bank of New York joins executives from the financial institutions who received TARP funds testifying before the House Financial Services Committee about how the the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds were used on Capitol Hill in Washington on February 11, 2009.

This is a gesture that needs to be evaluated in the context of the interaction.

If he just has spoken it could mean that hes has been deceitful.

It could mean that he is signaling that he is done talking and he is turning over the conversation to another, the same as placing an entire hand in front of your mouth.

If he is listening to others speak this could be a sign he does like what he is hearing, it looks like a backward gesture used to tell another to be quiet.◦

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ralph Lauren Model: I Was Fired for Being Too Fat

Filippa Hamilton has been the face of Ralph Lauren.◦

Talking to People Side by Side

Young couple sitting on towel in park, rear view

Got something important to say to someone and you know it is going to be a difficult conversation, or one that could get emotional really quick, or a sticky situation... do not talk to each other face to face.

This actually limits the amount of body language and other nonverbal message(s) that add to the conversation, and often end up igniting conflict. Eye contact can actually make the problem worse as you each respond not only to the content of the communication, but the differences in emotions, and vested interest.

Talking side by side allows both people to concentrate on the words, digest them at a slower pace, and respond more intelligently.

Couple at desk by laptop computer and samples, portrait

If you are in a business setting, and you have difficulties with certain individuals; or they don't like your prototypes; are negative; are snakes- try the side by side approach.◦

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dr. David Matsumoto Explains Characteristics of Basic Emotions

Dr. David Matsumoto is the Director of Humintell. Dr. Matsumoto is an expert in the field of facial expressions, microexpressions, gesture, nonverbal behavior, emotion and deception. He is also is also a Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University and Director of the Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory.◦

Collar Pull or Collar Tug

Businessman pulling collar, looking up

This is an unconsciously gesture people use when under stress.

When people lie often there is a slight rise in body temperature, people feel "hot under the collar" and this gesture is done to relieve some of the heat.

When someone is holding back information people will tug at their collar because they may feel a a little tickle on the sensitive neck tissue.

If a person is angry or frustrated this gesture could be used in an attempt to remove any restrictions, also because the blood pressure and body temperature are on the rise.

If you see this gesture you need to ask them to repeat their last statement... you're in a hot zone of information.◦

Garret Dillahunt will be guest-starring in tonight's episode of Lie to Me.

Fox TV TCA Party Jan 09

Garret will play a guy, who takes Lightman hostage in order to prove his innocence regarding his wife’s death. He’s been in trouble with the law before and made lots of enemies. He feels guilty for dragging his wife into his dangerous world and will do anything to clear his name and find the real killer.◦

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boredom or Interest?

Bored Woman

When we use our hand(s) to support our head it is either boredom or interest. If it is boredom the eyes will be lifeless. If it is interest the eyes will be attentive and the hand is supporting the head so the body can devote more energy to the message or thinking.

Above we are seeing boredom...◦

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Former Obama Advisor Robert Reich Talks About Public Option Health Care


Chin Stroking

Close-up of man stroking chin

When you see chin stroking, you are watching a person making a decision. The next gesture should be evaluated: is it negative or positive? It will indicate what the decision was.

For instance, if you are in a sales situation, like most instances when you identify body language let everything go unspoken, and either keep selling or ask them how they want to pay for it.◦

Friday, October 16, 2009

Survivor Samoa Episode 5 Tribal Council

For my money Survivor Tribal Council is some of the best 5-10 minutes on television as it relates to topics I explore on this site. The contestants are brought together and are interviewed by the host, and as with any reality television show with producers, the host is asking some sensitive questions that strikes to the core of their relationships with each other, their strategy to win a million dollars, and any and all touchy topics. Last night was no exception and a great learning opportunity for us.

1:42 Jaison is asked about his toughest thing he ever gone through and when he says that he played for the U.S. National Water Polo Team, watch how he sits up straight straight, proud.

Generally watch how people look down as others are answering questions. This can have several meanings, some of which include dislike for the speaker, shame, and thinking are among some of the reasons we see here.

3:30 Look at Ashley and how she ever so subtly rolls her eyes at Russell as he explains "who he can trust." Then watch in the next 12 seconds as both women shows us the elegant microexpression of contempt.

3:45 Ashley is asked a question and she sways her legs back and forth. This is likely nervousness at having to answer the question and a little bit of adrenaline as she is put on the spot.

4:00 See Ashley's elbow shrug, which is always a sure sign of indecisiveness. See the subtle contempt expression from Russell and the one eyebrow raise, had she seen this expression she should have known Russell should not be trusted.◦

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Humintell's New MiX 2 Microexpression Training Tool Released!

Something exciting and new has just happened this month. We have a new microexpression tool! I have been in contact with the good folks at Humintell because this month they just released the new and improved set of tools including one that is replacing the old METT training tool. They have some new features that I really want to check out, like 3/4 and side views! Even though I have been certified as an expert, I'm sure it will improve my skills.

If you are not familiar with Humintell it is a company that provides unique training and research to various individuals and companies in the field of facial expressions, emotion recognition and detecting deception.

Dr. David Matsumoto is the Director of Humintell. Dr. Matsumoto is an expert in the field of facial expressions, microexpressions, gesture, nonverbal behavior, emotion and deception. He is also is also a Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University and Director of the Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory. I first became aware of Dr. David Matsumoto when he published some exciting work that further proved emotions and expressions were universal by studying blind athletes who exhibited the same expressions as their seeing counterparts.

They have made a training demo for the MiX 2-Microexpression online application.

Humintell's MiX 2 Training features a post test, 16 instructional videos, practice with 42 images and a post test. Score 80% on the post test at a speed of at least 200msec and receive a certificate of completion for your training. Training is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check the software out online, at Humintell.

As a bonus, if you like the content of my site you need to check out David Matsumoto: The Blog and start following him.◦

Jessica Simpson Shows Subtle Surprise

Jessica Simpson is very expressive during an interview at QVC FFANY event in NYC

Oct 13 2009
Jessica Simpson is very expressive during an interview at QVC FFANY event in at Rose Hall, NYC. Pictured: Jessica Simpson Picture by: JS / Splash News

Here we see subtle surprise in Jessica's Eyes.◦

F@#k You

Young man looking angry

The Naughty Finger

The Bird

The Finger

This gesture only 'works' in western cultures. The origins probably date back 1000's of years ago when the bow and arrow was the weapon of choice.

Obviously the gesture is sexual in nature, and in almost ever culture there is a gesture used to signify the obscene, involving at least one of the digits.

An interesting thing about this gesture is most children already 'know' it is the naughty gesture before they start school.

Studies show it is most commonly used in US when we are in our cars...◦

Winning Body Language: Mark Bowden Speaks about the Handshake


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charlie Davies Holds Hands on Top of His Head

Charlie Davies

Oct 10 2009
Charlie Davies. US Men's National Team vs Honduras at Estadio Olimpico in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Photo via Newscom

What we are seeing here is Charlie, with his hands on top of his head, has been done after something bad has happened, and his touch is pacifying in nature.

This is an anti gravity gesture that shows he has energy but has no way to effectively use that energy to achieve his goal.

It is interesting because in many ways this is an ironic in nature since it is so close to the high confidence gesture of placing the hands behind the head and the anti gravity component to the gesture.◦

Hell's Kitchen Listeners Covering Their Mouth Last Night

reality television

Last Night on Hell's Kitchen the three final contestants had to create an international dish and during the presentation to international master chefs we can see the several of chefs place their hands in front of the mouth when the contestants stumble or have difficulties speaking with them.

When we are listening to others speak and we place a hand covering our mouth we can do it for a couple of reasons...

- We are signalling the other person to speak and we may be unwilling to speak, which is not the case in this situation.

- We are uncomfortable with what we are hearing, which is the case in this situation. Subconsciously they are attempting to hold back the contestants words.

Watch the Video Now

Roman Polanski on Rape Case


The Neck Rub

Man rubbing his neck

"What a pain in the neck."

It is a sign of frustration, anger, or stress depending on the context.

If you are friends or work with someone who habitually rubs their neck it is a sign of negative and critical personality, be warned.◦

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Big Thank You to "Lie to Me"

Summer TCA Tour - Day 10

I'm so excited about the new season, and thank you for the gestural Easter eggs!

Here is one of them...

Watch Torres' tongue, she does a 'tongue jut' after being scolded by Lightman.

In this case it means I did something foolish or wrong.

It can have other meanings depending on the context: I got caught, gleeful excitement, I got away with something, I am naughty, or in this case I did something foolish.◦

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell leaving The X Factor studios in London

Oct 11 2009
Simon Cowell seen leaving The X Factor studios, London, after the live results show. Simon is seen holding his trademark cigarettes. Pictured: Simon Cowell Picture by: Splash News

Pursed lips, furrowed brow, head tilted down, slightest nose lifting, a great deal of the whites of his eyes showing means one thing: he is angry and disgusted. He looks like a parent who doesn't want to take the time to scold a youngster because he is so disappointed in their actions he doesn't want to bother.◦

Bang, You're Dead!

Woman Pointing

This is widespread across the world, the bang you're dead gesture is where the hand mimics the shape of a pistol and pretends to fire.

It can be done as a way to mock a friend that has done something foolish...

It can also be done as a warning or threat if it is done by someone not considered a friend.◦

Monday, October 12, 2009

Keeping Your Hands on the Desk

President Medvedev grants interview to Channel One

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 11, 2009. President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is interviewed by Director of News Programs at Russia’s Channel One, in Ostankino TV centre. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Dmitry Astakhov) Photo via Newscom Content © 2009

It is important when you are sitting at a desk or around a conference table that you keep your hands on the table.

President Medvedev grants interview to Channel One

When we hide or hands, it symbolically is conveying the message that you are hiding information. Examine the two pictures above, which do you feel more comfortable with?◦

Who Me?

Russian journalist Alexander Podrabinek gives news conference

ITAR-TASS 61: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 9, 2009. Russian journalist human rights activist and editor-in-chief of Prima information agency Alexander Podrabinek speaks to the media at a news conference.

I do not know what this news conference was about, but what I see here is a man who is referencing himself with his hands, also notice how easily it would be for him to make his hands into fists- this is a sign he is willing to fight or be strong.

When you tilt your head down it could mean that you either are "bowing down" to someone more important, or shame, or deception as you subtly hide from your words.It is a negative way to hold your head.◦

Men Lie Twice As Much As Women! Top Ten Lies We Tell at Work

Businessman drawing a graph

The average man lies 42 times a week to their partners, boss and work colleagues, which amounts to 2,184 a year, or 126,672 over a lifetime.

Comparatively, women told just three a day, an annual total of 1,092 or 68,796 during their life.

The poll, carried out on behalf of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to mark the launch of Lie to Me Season 1 on DVD, found that the phrase “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine”, is the most common lie told by men and women.

Top ten lies we tell at work

1. Nice to see you again

2. Sorry, I missed your call

3. The traffic was bad

4. I'll give you a ring

5. I'll phone you back in a few seconds

6. I've got this terrible cold

7. My alarm didn't go off

8. I wrote down your number wrong

9. Our server was down

10. The train was delayed◦

Lie to Me Tonight

While vacationing in Mexico, Cal and Emily get involved in the case of a missing American woman. Back in D.C., Foster and Cal's rival, Jack Rader (Marc Blucas), investigates tainted blood in area hospitals.◦

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Man Shot and Killed Woman He was to Marry the Next Day

October 10, 2009, WINTER SPRINGS — Winter Springs police say it appears a man accidentally shot and killed the woman he was to marry the next day.

Police Chief Kevin Brunelle said “right now everything points to a tragic accident,” but investigators were waiting for forensic results.

The entire 911 call follows the news video above.

I find things in the 911 call that is concerning. You may remember a post I did a while back about Extraneous Information in 911 calls. This is based on a well known study done by the FBI. This call contained extraneous information.

The FBI article starts, "A frantic young man called 911: "Get an ambulance to 168 Birch. My friend's been shot!" In another instance, the father of a 1-year-old boy reported, "Yes, ma'am ... my, my son can't breathe."

Do 911 homicide calls contain clues that could help investigators identify the killer? In these two examples, the first caller demanded immediate medical assistance for his friend and did not commit the crime. In the second instance, the father politely reported his child's condition, never asking for help for his son or expressing any urgency. He had shaken the boy, who later died.

Also in the FBI article, "when making genuine demands for medical assistance for critically injured victims, callers displayed voice modulation, rather than an even-paced, emotionless, and robotic tone. Yet, the absence of voice modulation was even more informative than its presence. Only 4 percent of innocent callers had no voice modulation, while 35 percent of guilty callers lacked voice modulation." We do not see voice modulation in this call.

Another thing we have to look at is how focused the caller is on the victim and getting the victim help. Which we do not see in this case.

You can hear the doorbell but you do not hear excitement at the prospect of help arriving. At that point the 911 call would quickly be forgotten as the caller would now focus his attention to the police officer and having him help the victim. Instead we only hear him say for the officer to come in without any urgency.

His emotion (crying) is not spontaneous. It would come and go as the realization of what has occurred sinks in, this would not happen in the lulls of the conversation or when the first responders first arrive, they would happen in the middle of the sentences based on the content of the sentences.

There is not excitement when she is breathing, which is very odd. It would be at this point we'd expect him to plead for the medical responders to hurry.

It is my hope the local police department investigators are aware of the FBI Enforcement Bulletin, June 2008 issue where this article, "911 Homicide Calls and Statement Analysis: is the caller the killer?" was published and was written by Susan H. Adams and Tracy Harpster.◦

Do We Really Have to Be Here?

House Financial Services Cmte Hold Hearing On Credit Card Reform Act

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 08: (L-R) Kathy Miller, board member of the Vermont Grocers' Association; David Evans, lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School; Mark Caverly of the Credit Union National Association and the Electronic Payments Coalition; and Ed Mierzwinski, senior fellow in the U.S. PIRG Consumer Program, testify during a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee on Capitol Hill October 8, 2009 in Washington, DC. The hearing focused on the Credit Card Interchange Fees Act of 2009 and the Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Their arms and mouths tell it all. They all are using their arms to retreat, protect, and self pacify. Their body language is not open and they are on guard. Each of them have downturned corners of their mouths which is unease. The tilting of their heads is a sign of listening.◦

Standard Arms Crossed

Businessman perched on conference table in meeting, arms folded, portrait

When both arms are crossed it is a defensive gesture used to protect oneself, usually from an unfavorable situation. It creates a barrier. It generally means the person is not open to conversation or new ideas. It is a self hug.

Studies have universally proven a negative perception of this gesture.

If you see it in situation that is not stressful, it still means the same things, it just means it is more of a personality trait- being unsure of oneself.◦

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fist Clench

Businessman in a meeting

The fist means power and is used to make a forceful point and used to emphasize the words.◦

Adam's Apple Jump

1988 vice-presidential debates, as his opponent, Lloyd Bentsen, pointedly replied, "I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy!" you can see Dan Quayle's adam's apple jump.

This is an unconscious sign of emotional anxiety, embarrassment, or stress.◦

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Article You Should Check Out

You heard about it here on this website a full two weeks before the mainstream media got a hold of these finding when I wrote about it in Draw Me a Picture of the Murder Scene.

Now you can read about it online...

CSI: Doodle – lie detection through art

UCLA Student's Throat Slashed in Lab, Man Held

Students and faculty at UCLA are stunned following a horrific attack in a campus chemistry lab in which a male student allegedly slashed the throat of a female victim.

When a person folds their arms after something like this it is a self hug and they are attempting to comfort themselves.

Rubbing the neck is a way to relieve stress and is a self pacifying gesture, it originates back to when we were babies and our parents would always hold our necks and the touch was comforting. Physical stress and pain can build in our neck muscles and touching them can relieve the stress.

Looking down is a way of blocking out the rest of the world so they can cognitively processed what has happened, it allows their brain to work without the distraction of what is going on in the present.

The young woman who is holding her hand over her mouth is still showing a great deal of fear or surprise in her eyes, evidenced by how wide she is holding them open. Holding her hand in front of her mouth is a defense mechanism to control herself so her emotion is not verbalized (it could be verbalized in screaming, crying, in words, or even exhaling her breathe).◦

Mackenzie Phillips Tells Larry King About Incest with Her Father


Mackenzie Phillips, My Thoughts

Mackenzie Phillips in some ways is easy to get a 'read' on and in others is extremely difficult. She has led a weird and less than ordinary life and this shows through in her body language, gestures, and personality.

First the question everybody is asking: Did she have a incestuous relationship with her father? Yes, she shows no signs of deception when she is speaking about their relationship over the many years. However, she does show concealment when she is talking about how the sexual relationship started. She has repeated the same sentence almost verbatim in each and every interview about how the sexual relationship began; she also changes her speech pattern while stating this sentence; and she gestures less. When she reads it from the book, it is slightly different than how she describes it when being interviewed- the difference is significant in subtle ways- in some ways she further distances herself from the "act" while at the same time is more graphic about the act.

She does not accept any responsibility for the relationship, and in the interviews the focus has only been on the start and the end of the relationship. They way she describes the start would legally be considered rape. At what exact point did it become consensual? These questions are not asked (because of the nature of TV and the subject matter) and therefore we are left with the mystery of how she really felt about the relationship and what emotions she had, for instance was there anger, guilt, satisfaction, etc.

Mackenzie Phillips and Julia Verdin Portrait Session

I began this article speaking to her odd body language and gestures. She does some things that are opposite of what we'd expect... When she says shocking things, she turns to the audience- whereas we'd expect some turning away from the words, maybe some embarrassment or even shame... it is like any attention good or bad is well received my Mackenzie. I believe collectively we feel uneasy watching her in interviews and contribute the uneasy feeling to the content of what she is saying, but I feel we sense something deeper in her mannerisms that contribute to the uneasy feeling we all share.◦

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chynna Phillips Talks About Her Sister's Relationship with Their Father

Watch her neck and shoulders in the video, especially around 35 seconds... what we see here is lifting of her shoulders (beyond the shrugs) and the lowering of her neck and head. Her body language is showing us she'd like to hide, and the cluster of gestures most resembles a turtle going into the safety of its shell.◦


Senate Holds Hearing On Afghanistan And Al-Qaeda

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 07: New America Foundation's Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative co-director Peter Bergen prepares to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a hearing about Al-Qaeda and Afghanistan on Capitol Hill October 7, 2009 in Washington, DC. On the eighth anniversary of the United States' invasion of Afghanistan, witnesses testified, and disagreed, about what affect a withdrawal of U.S. forces from that country would have on Al-Qaeda. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Anytime we see someone touching their temple it is a sign of thinking. Here we see the thumb help supporting the head. Anytime we see the head being supported by the hand it could be a sign of boredom.

At this point we need to look at the eyes and see if they are engaged, if they are engaged it is a sign of thinking; if they are glazed over it is a sign of boredom.

Since we see slight tightness in his lips and forehead we can be sure he is engaged and he is thinking.◦

Jude Law Gives an Eyebrow Flash

Broadway Celebrity Sighting

Oct 6 2009
Celebrities photographed after attending the Hamlet Broadway opening at the Broadhurst Theater in New York City. Pictured: Jude Law Picture by: Splash News

An eyebrow flash is something we normally do when we see someone that we know unconsciously.

When done consciously, as we see here, it is done to with a slight tilt or turning of the head, and with his chin out it is the same as saying, "Excuse me..." I did not hear what you are saying.◦

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Senator Max Baucus Hold Down Gesture

Senate Finance Committee Resumes Mark Up Of Health Care Reform Bill

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 01: Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) speaks during a mark up hearing before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill October 1, 2009 in Washington, DC. The committee continued to vote on amendments for the committee's version of the healthcare reform legislation. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

While we can see this gesture used to actually ask people to 'hold it down' with the intent of other to be quiet, but in this particular case it is used to symbolically hold down or control a thought and/or issue.

It can be used to signify it is not as big of a problem as portrayed. It also can be used as a plea to control emotions. This is a gesture that needs to be evaluated in the context in which it is delivered.◦

Body Language and Sleeping on Live with Regis and Kelly


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Young Woman Blows a Kiss

Young woman blowing kiss

Blowing a kiss is of course to signify a true kiss; since no actual touch occurs it can be open for interpretation depending on the situation.

I have seen it used as an insult, as if saying "kiss off" to someone not a friend.

I have also seen used by lovers that are separated by distance and obstacles like in an airport after one of them has gone through screening.

I have also seen it used by a flirt, who was sending a clear signal that a kiss in the future would be okay with her.◦

Research Sheds Light on Why Children Lie

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree — children will copy their parents. That's one way of explaining a new theory for why young people lie. Madeleine Brand talks with Po Bronson who wrote about the topic for New York Magazine.

Listen to this npr interview.◦

Monday, October 5, 2009

James Marsters and John Carroll Lynch Guest-Star on Lie to Me's "Truth or Consequences"

Japan premiere of film Dragonball

Zoe enlists the Lightman Group to investigate a star college football player accused of statutory rape.

Love Happens Los Angeles Premiere

Meanwhile, Foster and Loker travel to a religious compound to find out whether it’s actually a nefarious cult in the “Truth or Consequences” episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (LTM-203) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)◦

Obama on Health Care Reform Means More Jobs: Voice Analysis

President Barack Obama says passage of his health care proposals would create new jobs by making small business startups more affordable. (Oct. 3)

One of the things that stand out to me- as someone who analyzes the President often- He is tired and there appears to be a lack of intensity you normally see in his eyes. He was NOT EXCITED at all during the conversation and he appears to speak freely about all issues. He was not thinking too intensely when speaking. He becomes most unsure of his words when speaking about the future and/or referencing the small businesses.


Nothing Says Stop Like a Held Up Hand

Young couple gesturing

It has not always been universal, and in fact this has caused misunderstanding in war situations. Now it is universally known to mean 'NO' if the hand is held up and moved side to side when accompanied with a negative facial expression.

Young woman trying to prevent photo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tsunami Victim's Last Words: "Mom Please"

A mother recounts the details of her daughter's death in Tuesday's tsunami. The 6 year old was swept out to sea when she slipped from her mother's grasp in the village of Leone, American Samoa.

Terrible pain and sadness is seen here. I think it is important to see a wide variety of sadness and grief if you are someone who investigates homicides- so you can be on the lookout for these emotions when they are faked and appear unnatural. The people being interviewed show several different subtle facial expressions of sadness.

Often times when we see this type of thing in the states the sadness and the grief becomes more dramatic and 'louder' especially if it is done while be taped by a local news station.

Another thing to note is in the chief's interview when he says the culture is very strong, "huuummmmppp" I am unsure if this is cultural based, or a way to say "understand?" or emotion being verbalized? If you know please comment on this post or email me- at the bottom of the page is a contact me link.◦

Who would you buy street food from?

You might remember a scene from 'Lie to Me' where Lightman confronts a street vendor. Well take a look at this video...

About 20 seconds into the video they are interviewing a street vendor and when he is talking about the quality of his food you can see several subtle shrugs...

The next person interviewed, who won last year, watch his elbow flair out. He is making himself appear bigger, he is proud of his win and this is a subtle way of preening.

At 1:55 we see another vendor give us a shrug when saying what is the most popular dish he sells. He may not be sure what is the most popular, or perhaps he is promoting what he sells more of while another dish is more popular in regards to people loving the taste, or worse promoting the dish that is the cheapest from him to make so his profits rise... He is very passionite about his food. I'd give his food a try.

Now to the winner, it was the first person who gave us several shrugs when talking about the quality of his products...◦

Men Lie Twice As Much As Women! Top Ten Lies Women Tell

Businessman drawing a graph

The average man lies 42 times a week to their partners, boss and work colleagues, which amounts to 2,184 a year, or 126,672 over a lifetime.

Comparatively, women told just three a day, an annual total of 1,092 or 68,796 during their life.

The poll, carried out on behalf of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to mark the launch of Lie to Me Season 1 on DVD, found that the phrase “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine”, is the most common lie told by men and women.

Top ten lies women tell

1. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine

2. Oh, this isn't new, I've had it ages

3. It wasn't that expensive

4. It was in the sale

5. I'm on my way

6. I don't know where it is, I haven't touched it

7. I didn't have that much to drink

8. I've got a headache

9. No, I didn't throw it away

10. Sorry, I missed your call

Next Sunday I will tell you the top ten lies we tell at work.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beating Death of a 16-year-old Chicago Honor Roll Student Derrion Albert

It is very hard to watch the below video, and would suggest only those with specific interest in Gangs and Mobs as it relates to the topics discussed on this website. It is very disturbing.

This is not your normal mob. Mobs usually have a mutual purpose, while it has been suggested that this may have been gang related, everyone in the video does not have the same purpose. Examining it appears that there are two distinct groups , there is one dressed in black and red and there are 2 people in white t-shirts that can be grouped together, as one comes to the aid of the other near the car. Groups of people working together gives courage to all member that they may have not had standing alone. This is not one gang against another, the 'fighting' is random and uncoordinated.

There are another 15 individuals that are unrelated to the groups who get involved in the violence. Something happens here that happens with all mobs that turn violent, the strong focus on the weak.

Something that stands out, when there is a short blast of a siren immediately people begin to scatter. I have spoken to police and they say there is two schools of thought about the siren: there is the cop who doesn't want to risk dangerous situations who will use the siren all the way up to the call (it is a warning to the robber, or gang, or criminal that I am coming and allows for the person to flee the scene and thus avoid confrontation); and the other school is to not use the siren because you are more likely to get an arrest.

The horns and the 50+ people who are seeing this unfold are can be heard saying get off of him and general screaming are shocked at what is unfolding.

Had the wood not been sitting in the lot, where it could be picked up and used as a weapon, this likely would have ended differently.


New SNL Cast Member Jenny Slate Swears On Live TV on Last's Week Show

What is note worthy about this, is watch Jenny's reaction after she realizes what has just happened.

Her lips move together in a kissing pose, she is attempting to make her lips and the opening of her mouth as small as possible, she is holding her breathe, then exhales to relieve stress and it puffs her checks out, still not wanting to allow anything else out of her mouth.◦

Categories of Gestures: Adaptors

Businessman leaning against wall and touching forehead
These gestures are used subconsciously during communication and interactions and they are a gesture that are most important to our field of study.

These are those little things we do to comfort ourselves when we feel uncomfortable; they are the little things that liars do that give themselves away.

Adapters are linked with negative feelings such as anxiety, nervousness, fear, etc.◦

One Second

Man Talking on Phone

Here we see a man waste a gesture since he is on the phone, but of course it is naturally done to control the conversation and means, "excuse me, one second" I have something I would like to say.◦

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bill Clinton Doesn't Think Health Care Debate Is About Race


Woman Shows us the Universal Gesture of the Ear Cup

Woman with holding hand to ear, close up, low angle view, studio shot

This means speak up if it is done deliberately. If it is done when we are straining to hear another and the gestures aids by artificially enlarging the ear.◦

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jail House Tapes and Body Language Expert


An Article You Should Check Out

Six Signals His Face Is Sending You
Cosmo uncovers the secret body-language clues that reveal your guy's deepest desires — almost instantly.

Six Signals His Face Is Sending You

Building a Better Lie Detector

Talk of the Nation guests discuss current technology used for detecting lies, and a new device based on brain scans. It's potentially more effective than other means, but the device raises issues of accuracy, ethics, consent and privacy.


Daniel Langleben, psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania; pioneer in the lie-detection field

Paul Wolpe, senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics◦

The Hand Ring Gesture and the MANY Meanings

Woman holding two fingers together (focus on hand)

This is a gesture you want to be VERY careful to use when you are traveling!

In North America and Europe it means 'okay' and 'good.'

In Germany, Sardinia, Malta, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Russia, the Middle East and some parts of South American is a sexual insult that symbolize an orifice.

In Belgium, France and Tunisia it means 'zero.'

In Japan it means 'money' becasue it looks like a coin.

In South America if it is performed horizontally instead of vertically as shown above it means 'good,' 'okay,' 'perfection,' and/or everything is 'fine.

In Italy, if the shape is less round and a tad more like the politician's purse it could mean 'what are you talking about?' if pointed upward, and 'justice' if pointed downward.

So many meaning with one gesture!◦