Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ Marriage Has Been Out of Sync for Awhile

Warner Bros. Premiere Of "The Lake House"

I knew he didn't like the black tie events; didn't call her for assistance when he appeared on The Apprentice; spent huge amounts of time apart; he always had a look on his face like a boy keeping quite because he had something to hide (closed lipped, sometimes a smirk, very quiet) and I can say all this with the authority of HINDSIGHT.

Relationships are a funny thing. The actual relationship can have its own personality (sort of speak) and each relationship can be compared to others. Think back to the days when Angelina Jolie couldn't keep her hands of of Billy Bob, then Brad. She is a very passionate person. Something I learned from a lawyer friend who specializes in Prenuptial contracts, the more they touch each other and are passionate, the MORE likely the marriage will not last! Passion does not keep you going year after year.

Sandra leans toward the passionate side- Jessie is reserved. This is a baseline.

Take a look at the below collection of pictures, all taken before the news broke of Jessie's wandering ways.

Premiere Of TriStar Pictures Premonition - Arrivals

FILE PHOTO: Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James has been alleged by an American magazine to be having a relationship with Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures' "The Proposal" - Arrivals

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The 67th annual Golden Globe Press Room..

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James look a little glum as they leave their home

Of about 150 pictures taken in the last several months, with both of them in the picture, I only see a handful where they are truly interacting with each other.

Back to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. There have been rumors about their relationship, for this very same reason. In their pictures they are more out of sync with each other. Who Knows?◦

Bronze Medalist Anna Karin Olofsson Shows Disgust

Germany wins biathlon mixed-relay world title

Sweden s bronze medalist Anna Karin Olofsson seen at IBU World Cup Biathlon Mixed Relay.

Russia hosts biathlon World Cup final

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spontaneous Utterance

Australia Celebrates Australia Day

If you are investigating a situation, and have a strong suspicion that a person has done something wrong (such as stealing a few bucks out of the cash drawer at closing) a powerful technique is to not confront them directly about your suspicion, but instead ask them questions where THEY make a leap of logic.

For instance, you confront the the possible thieve saying, "Something weird happened at closing last night, not sure if everything was done right, I mean some of the lights were still on when I opened this morning."

Silence is your friend at this point. The person will feel the need to speak, will cognitively be trying to figure this all out, and will know what he/she has done and may say, "Hey boss I didn't take any money."

This is a Spontaneous Utterance.

You say, "Hey, wait a minute. I was asking you about the lights being left on, and you blindside me by denying something I was even asking you about. I did notice the deposit was a little light... I'm disappointed. Only the person who took it would feel the need to deny taking it?!?! when I wasn't even asking you about it."

This technique can easily be adapted to almost every situation. It is a favorite for police officers on patrol who come into contact with a variety of criminals, who undoubtedly have fishy explanations why they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this simple technique works just as well if you are trying to get to the bottom of who took the last cookie from the cookie jar.◦

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Human Lie Detector" Dr. Lillian Glass is on VH1 Reality Show

I had never heard of this show, but I saw "Human Lie Detector" in the guide and set the DVR. The 'Tools' are put up against the human lie detector test during this week's trust therapy session. While I will not set the DVR to record the series, the first 10-15 minutes where Dr. Lillian Glass evaluates the 'Tools' is informative; I really liked seeing the reactions when the couples were brought back together- the emotions that are shown are genuine.

I really noticed the adam apples of many of the contestants (sentitive/stressful); pacifying behavior from both in the room; the first time I watched the video I felt one of them showed Duper's Delight when he was told he was being truthful with the first question- could be he was extremely happy with her reaction (which was positive)- the second time it appeared more truthful.

Compared to other reality shows, it appears the expressions and gestures are "real" where with some reality shows I get the impression that producers control the outward appearance of the contestants through coaching.◦

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Australian Formula One Grand Prix, Ironic Gesture and Facial Expression

F1 Grand Prix of Australia - Race

Jessica Michibata celebrates with the winners trophy of boyfriend Jenson Button of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes in the paddock after he wins the the Australian Formula One Grand Prix at the Albert Park Circuit on March 28, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.

This is one of those ironic combos. In the celebration that followed the win, Jessica is elated and holds the trophy above her head (anti gravity gesture), but at the same time she deliberately closes her eyes- where normally in a celebration we'd keep our eyes wide open to take as much visual stimulation in.

It could be she was overwhelmed and gave herself a short break, allowing herself to cognitively process what she was physically feeling. When you go through a stressful and emotional period (where she undoubtedly was sitting on the edge of her seat, jumping up and down, etc.) and come out happy, in our minds we could close our eyes to briefly say, "This was a great day, I can now end it on such a great high."

It also could be she was screaming so loud, she closed her eyes so she physically could focus and give the screen all she had.

Anytime you see two seemingly conflicting "things" it is usually noteworthy.◦

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Samantha Cameron Stops/Slows Hubby David's Forward Progress

David Cameron Addresses Supporters At The Milton Keynes Academy

Conservative Party Leader David Cameron arrives with his wife Samantha at the Milton Keynes Academy on March 27, 2010 in Milton Keynes, England. Mr Cameron spoke to local supporters on the theme of 'Change Politics' at the Academy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jarred Harrell Arrested for Murder of Somer Thompson

There was a ton of experts who said she was fake crying, and odd... I want it to be known that within days of her daughter being kidnapped I wrote about this case and said she had nothing to do with it. I do not wait for reader comments before my analysis. I know I am more technical than others, but I do not feed on anybody else opinions before making a statement about any case. I have not slammed other expert(s), and I have not been shy about my analysis. I have been asking myself why do I do this, and it is cases like this that keep me going...◦

Microexpressions with the Hereos vs. Villains

When Russell takes his seat, we see two microexpressions of contempt. It is rare to see contempt like Russell does here, usually a person shows contempt on only one side of the face, each and every time.

I would suggest watching the entire video without the volume, and studying their expression and gestures. I see contempt several more times, and Colby gives a great subtle microexpression of disgust. I believe there are 10+ microexpressions in this ten minute video.◦

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Article You Should Check Out: Tiger Woods – You Sure Looked Uncomfortable During Your TV

Tiger Woods Practices Near His Home In Orlando

Below is a link where Dr. Lillian Glass give a nice analysis of the latest interviews with Tiger. Thankfully the person behind the botched press conference and media wreck of staged and rehearsed words and sentences has been released by Tiger's people. He is starting to get back to the natural Tiger.

Tiger Woods – You Sure Looked Uncomfortable During Your TV ...

Hollywood Life
Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert Body language wise you see he licks his ... Patti Wood, Body Language Expert “There are parts where he was sincere...◦

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maureen O'Sullivan, Dept. of Psych., U. of San Francisco

Maureen O'Sullivan, PhD, Professor Emeritus of the University of San Francisco, speaks about "Lie to Me" and her career researching human emotion and lie detection. Visit for more information on the University of San Francisco.

Part 2

Part 3


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clearly Unhappy Showing Sadness

Senate Armed Services Cmte Holds Hearing On Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

Former US Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade Jenny Kopfstein reacts as she testifies during a hearing before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee March 18, 2010 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The hearing was to examine the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Faces Showing Surprise, and Pure Excitement, and Happiness

Obama Addresses Health Insurance Reform At George Mason University

Supporters reach out to touch U.S. President Barack Obama after he gave a speech on health care reform at George Mason University March 19, 2010 in Fairfax, Virginia. Obama is making a last minute appeal for support of his proposed health care legislation as the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the legislation as early as Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dr. David Matsumoto: How to Tell a Lie with the Naked Eye


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Subconsciously Our Hands Gravitate Towards our Necks When Faced with Dangerous or Uncomfortable Situations

Mexican Drug War Fuels Violence In Juarez

Residents look out at the site of a recent murder on March 19, 2010 in Juarez, Mexico. The border city of Juarez has been racked by violent drug-related crime, making it among the most dangerous cities in the world. As competing drug cartels fight over lucrative drug corridors along the U.S. border, the murder rate in Juarez has risen to 173 slayings for every 100,000 residents. President Felipe Calderon in 2009 disbanded the corrupt local police force and sent 10,000 soldiers to Juarez, but the violence has raged on. With a population of 1.3 million in Juarez, 2,600 died in drug-related violence last year and 500 so far this year, including two Americans who worked for the U.S.

Mexican Drug War Fuels Violence In Juarez

Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Interview You Should Check Out: Catching Liars, An Interview with Mark McClish

Catching Liars: An Interview with Mark McClish

Mark McClish is a 25 year veteran of law enforcement with the United States Marshal Service as an agent, a supervisor and a trainer. He is the author of I Know You Are Lying which is a great book on some of the techniques and applications of statement analysis, and he has an informational website at Mark is a wealth of knowledge on investigative interviewing and statement analysis.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More on James Sikes

The driver of a Toyota Prius says he was taken on a wild ride Monday after the car's accelerator became stuck, reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph on a winding, hilly portion of a southern California...

Another thing that stands out, we do not know why he was actually traveling on that interstate, on that day.

From a statement analysis perspective, we have a rule when a victim recounts the event- 25-33% should recount before the actual event, 33%-50% should be the actual event, and finally 25-33% should be post the event.

From everything I have seen his entire focus has been the actual event, and this is unnatural and should be examined further.

One of the hardest things to do is notice the absence of information, but it is an important part of the craft.◦

Journal of Applied Psychology, Volume 95, Issue 2

The finer points of lying online: E-mail versus pen and paper.

By Naquin, Charles E.; Kurtzberg, Terri R.; Belkin, Liuba Y.

Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol 95(2), Mar 2010, 387-394.

The authors present 3 experimental studies that build on moral disengagement theory by exploring lying in online environments. Findings indicate that, when e-mail is compared with pen and paper communication media (both of which are equal in terms of media richness, as both are text only), people are more willing to lie when communicating via e-mail than via pen and paper and feel more justified in doing so. The findings were consistent whether the task assured participants that their lie either would or would not be discovered by their counterparts. Implications for theory and practice are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)◦

Getting My Mind Around the Concept

Let's Dance Training Hillu Schwetje

Hillu Schwetje attends the 'Let's Dance' training session on March 17, 2010 in Hanover, Germany. The ex-wife of former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder exercises for the RTL television dancing show starting on April 09.

If you see this, you are seeing someone show you through this gesture, that she is thinking or trying to get around a complicated concept.◦

Monday, March 15, 2010

Powerful Thumb

Gordon Brown Holds Talks With President Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy reacts during a press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown inside 10 Downing Street on March 12, 2010 in London, England.

As we know, pointing is a negative gesture. Here we see a high confidence way to point without the negative associations.◦

Sunday, March 14, 2010

James Sikes the Toyota Prius Owner Whose Pedal Stuck; is he telling the truth?

Thanks to a reader who sent me links to videos. I was in Denver this week and saw several interviews with Sikes one morning. Like the reader I was on the fence, but after reviewing the video again, several times there are some troubling aspects of his statements.

The driver of a Toyota Prius says he was taken on a wild ride Monday after the car's accelerator became stuck, reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph on a winding, hilly portion of a southern California...

Telling if someone is lying is not an exact science. In real life investigations you listen, then ask for clarification or confront on any inconsistencies.

Form a purely statement analysis perspective I would ask Sikes to clarify a couple of places and aspects of his statement:

Why were you looking for a straight away to turn off the car? (I can see the logic of this, if he turns off the car he may not have control of the steering,etc.)

Then he says, "nobody to protect me from behind." I find this odd. When you are going that fast you are not concerned with what is behind you, you are only concerned with what is in front of you. When you are going that fast you do not need protection from behind. If you shut off the car you would expect the other drivers to avoid your car as it slows down. Wouldn't that be an acceptable risk?

There is a place where he says, "I was standing on the pedals..." clearly the plural. This is a hot spot, while it clearly could be a slip of the tongue, it also could be exactly what happened, he could have been pushing both pedals.

At other times he says and does the right things, indicating honesty. Shrugs occurring at the right times. In another interview when asked, he simply states, "it was just stuck" with confidence and does not feel the need to elaborate; a very clear sign of honesty.

So it would not surprise me one way or the other. I would expect if he is lying, those who are close to him, both personally and professionally, would be able to tell. It takes a certain kind of personality to be able to pull a hoax on this grand scale, if they believe him without reservations it is likely he is telling the truth.◦

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tables Turned on Paul Ekman

Check out the wink at 3:20, and the words "pretty much"


Friday, March 12, 2010

Janine Driver Interviewed on Fox News

JANINE DRIVER is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute, located in Washington, DC. She is also a body language and deception detection expert and certified business coach who has appeared on NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, and Larry King Live. Janine travels the globe speaking to the corporate world on the fastest way to save time and grow business. Visit her online at Janie Driver is the author of several books on body language, her latest book is You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want!, the 7-day Plan.◦

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poker Series: Beware of the Speech!

Anytime someone goes out of their way to give some sort of a speech before a raise, get out of the way. Doesn't matter what is being said, statistically they have something good. It is their way of hiding what is good, talk it down. I've heard everything from I wanted to get some sleep, or I'm really hungry... so I'm all in...

If you want to learn more how to use body language at the tables, check out,


Just read news release - LIE TO ME is returning June 7th.

24th Annual American Society of Cinematographers Awards-Press Room
This will allow it to flourish in the otherwise dull summer TV season; it is likely they will be able to continue into the new fall season with little intruption- provided Tim keeps his movie schedule clear. The shows airing this summer are practically "in the can" and Tim Roth is scheduled to begin filming "The Absinthe Drinkers" in April 2010; this should be completed in time to start filming the third season.◦

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Janine Driver author of "You Say More Than You Think" on the Dr. Oz show

JANINE DRIVER is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute, located in Washington, DC. She is also a body language and deception detection expert and certified business coach who has appeared on NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, and Larry King Live. Janine travels the globe speaking to the corporate world on the fastest way to save time and grow business. Visit her online at Janie Driver is the author of several books on body language, her latest book is You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want!, the 7-day Plan.◦

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paul Ekman, Differences between Fear and Surprise


Monday, March 8, 2010

Today Show Body Language Boot Camp

JANINE DRIVER is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute, located in Washington, DC. She is also a body language and deception detection expert and certified business coach who has appeared on NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, and Larry King Live. Janine travels the globe speaking to the corporate world on the fastest way to save time and grow business. Visit her online at Janie Driver is the author of several books on body language, her latest book is You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want!, the 7-day Plan.◦

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Spying for Lying Oscar Goes To...

82nd Academy Awards Producer, Director And President Press Conference

I am lucky enough, because of my work with computers and the movie business over a decade ago, to see each and every screener movie (where studios make available a copy of the dvd for people who vote for awards, they market to the actual voters with the idea if the movie wins the award(s) it will become more profitable and gain more exposure).

So here are my thoughts of this crop of movies:

The Hurt Locker, WOW this movie was really good, it would have been so easy for the director and the actors to go "over the top" -it is a study in powerfulness through subtleties. The way the director captures fear in a side shot, close up of the taxi driver's eye is just one of the many ways she captures emotion in this movie. I'd say something to this director I never say, "I'd work as body language, gesture, emotion consultant for free on your next project" for the opportunity to work with you, but you don't need me- you nail human emotion... especially in the face and eyes. Jeremy Renner is nominated for 'Actor in a Leading Role' and the facial expression you give the audience while brushing your teeth while talking to a member of the team right after another actor says, "...I'm pretty sure I can figure out a..." is perfection- not often does an actor convey so much in five seconds on screen. These are just a couple smaller things that get me stoked about the Hurt Locker, I could give you a couple much more bigger moments but I do not want to give any more of the movie away. The Hurt Locker is nominated for 9 Oscars, it would be a total shame if it ends up a shut out. War movies and Oscars don't usually mix, but I see at least one win in your future, maybe more.

Avatar, how can we not mention this largely actorless movie. While actual people donned sensor suits, the majority of the movie was done with computers and if you watch it you cannot tell. Having been a part of similar, earlier and much lesser advanced projects like this, I can tell you I appreciated the way the tails moved and the grass and vegetation showed motion. The best thing about the technology is you are transported to a different world and you do not even notice it after just a few short seconds. This is what movies are supposed to do, cause the audience to suspend reality.

Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire, the movie is powerful and at times hard to watch. As Precious, Gabourey Sidibe plays a pregnant teenager who struggles to overcome years of abuse at the hands of her parents, and she is nominated for 'Actress in a Leading Role' and I'm impressed. She will not win because she was picked by the director from obscurity and people are wondering how she was able to show so much emotion in subtle ways. We cannot know if she "acted" or if because of her own life and experiences. Regardless she was able to nail the character. If you can handle the content it is worth viewing this movie.

Up in the Air, I liked the movie, while the main characters are not the best with their gestures and facial expressions... the clips of the people being fired were top notch. Many showed true emotions and a few even showed micro expressions.

Now some of my other notes, not necessarily related to the content of this site:

Best movie to watch with the family (young and old) The Blind Side.

I didn't 'get' District 9 but watched the entire movie, which is more than I can say for Inglourious Basterds.

Movies not recognized by the Academy but were promoted by studios that are worth mentioning:

Another movie I did not get, is the wildest ride, darkest, wondering if it is going to end up being a dream at any point is the movie Antichrist. Middle America avoid this movie, it did win several awards overseas and at festivals.

The movie that really hit me hard was The Road. It will likely not affect you in the same way it did me. I love documentaries (this is not one) and having seen Food Inc, Super Size Me, and Going Further- all documentaries related to our food supply- and watching a movie that is a struggle to survive in a world no longer capable of sustaining life... the movie and some of the scenes were a bit much for me.

Back to a movie that is nominated for 3 Oscars is, Crazy Heart, -I really liked this movie. It will likely be lost in the shuffle. Jeff Bridges plays, "Bad Blake" and does a good job in it, but it doesn't stretch his acting abilities, but he is consistent in his 'playing' of the character. Jeff Bridges is an actor where his own likable personality shows through in every role he plays. "Bad Blake" is not a hero, but he is likable and you pull for him, while at the same time you want to slap him around a bit... And that is why I told- all those who asked my opinion about this crop of movies and actors- about Crazy Heart.◦

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Agony and Exhaustion and the weird things we do to compensate.

2010 Ironman New Zealand

Jo Lawn is helped after winning the 2010 Ironman New Zealand on March 6, 2010 in Taupo, New Zealand.

Here we see Jo Lawn completely drained and sticking out his tongue. This is not a tongue jut. When we are stretched to the breaking point we often do some unique things to compensate.

One time there was crime scene photographs showing a man in a hotel room, shoes and pants and belt on, while his suit jacket shirt and tie (still tied but the knot very tight and pulled down so he could remove them all in one motion) lay in a ball four feet from him, with the shirt sleeves still in the jacket. The time of death was the night before and the body had been there until the maid had opened the door to clean the room. An incorrect assumption was made, because of his partial state of nakedness, that he had paid and been in the room to meet another person and it was important to find that other person. Police officers had fanned out talking to anyone and everyone asking if they had seen the man with someone else... It turned out he had a heart attack. When you have a heart attack you have a difficult time breathing and it feels like a elephant is sitting on your chest. When this man felt this sensation he was attempting to relieve the pressure by quickly removing his clothes. When he was faced with the intense pain of a heart attack he did something unique to compensate, but not all that uncommon.

In the above photograph we see Jo Lawn sticking out his tongue, possibly in an attempt to remove his tongue from his mouth to make his mouth bigger so he can take in more air; or maybe he is sticking out his tongue in an effort to soak up more air with his tongue like a leaf would soak up the sun. We cannot expect to know the what the modification is for, and if we would ask him why- later after he has recuperated- it is highly likely he would not believe you when you described what he did, and would have no memory of his feelings or motivation at the time.

It is important to recognize when people are stretched to their limits- either physically or emotionally- their outward facial expressions and gestures may be extreme and not follow normal reasoning.◦

Music for the liars, cheats, braggarts, wind-up merchants and deceivers.

Portrait of a young woman wearing headphones
I came across an article on the web about music's ability to showcase deception. The readers recommend the following top ten songs:

1 It's Not True The Who

2 This Masquerade The Carpenters

3 God Knows I'm Good David Bowie

4 Religious Vomit Dead Kennedys

5 Satan Lied to Me The Louvin Brothers

6 Sexy Sadie The Unthanks

7 The American Ruse MC5

8 Bin Laden Immortal Technique

9 Long Lost Penpal Hello Saferide

10 I Drink Mary Gauthier

DID you know there is a play list for the iPod called "Cheating Songs?"◦

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Good Morning" and "How are you?"

Businessman in doorway

Research conducted by Professor Albert Mehrabian of the University of California, Los Angeles, 55 per cent of the emotional message in face-to-face communication results from body language. 7% is the actual words chosen.38% is the tone of voice. It becomes the 7%-38%-55% rule, supposedly denoting how much communication was conferred by words, tone, and body language. The reason I say "supposedly" is because the actually percentages are debatable; what is clear there is a great deal going on beyond the words. Yet I rarely mention how the tone of the voice, does in fact convey emotion.

Take the next couple of days and make it a point to greet the people you interact with on a daily basis and pay attention to the minuscule differences in their tone when you greet them. Often times it is just paying attention to differences in tone that makes all the difference.◦

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Professor David Matsumoto: How to Spot a Lie with the Naked Eye on ABC 7

How to spot a lie with the naked eye.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pride, Confidence, Arrogance or All of the Above?

Brooklyns Finest New York City.

LUDACRIS arriving at the premiere of ''Brooklyn's Finest'' at AMC Loews Lincoln Square Theatre in New York City on 03-02-2010.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Janine Driver: Body Language on the Job

Our body language sends signals to our bosses and co-workers all the time. Body language expert, Janine Driver shows us some gestures that could impact your career.◦

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lick Lip: HSBC Women's Champions

HSBC Women's Champions - Round Three

Suzann Peterssen of Norway during the third round of the HSBC Women's Champions at the Tanah Merah Country Club on February 27, 2010 in Singapore.