Monday, March 29, 2010

"Human Lie Detector" Dr. Lillian Glass is on VH1 Reality Show

I had never heard of this show, but I saw "Human Lie Detector" in the guide and set the DVR. The 'Tools' are put up against the human lie detector test during this week's trust therapy session. While I will not set the DVR to record the series, the first 10-15 minutes where Dr. Lillian Glass evaluates the 'Tools' is informative; I really liked seeing the reactions when the couples were brought back together- the emotions that are shown are genuine.

I really noticed the adam apples of many of the contestants (sentitive/stressful); pacifying behavior from both in the room; the first time I watched the video I felt one of them showed Duper's Delight when he was told he was being truthful with the first question- could be he was extremely happy with her reaction (which was positive)- the second time it appeared more truthful.

Compared to other reality shows, it appears the expressions and gestures are "real" where with some reality shows I get the impression that producers control the outward appearance of the contestants through coaching.◦