Friday, March 26, 2010

Jarred Harrell Arrested for Murder of Somer Thompson

There was a ton of experts who said she was fake crying, and odd... I want it to be known that within days of her daughter being kidnapped I wrote about this case and said she had nothing to do with it. I do not wait for reader comments before my analysis. I know I am more technical than others, but I do not feed on anybody else opinions before making a statement about any case. I have not slammed other expert(s), and I have not been shy about my analysis. I have been asking myself why do I do this, and it is cases like this that keep me going...◦


Sophie said...

Good call! I always believed that she was telling the truth as well.

Clear2Go said...

I have been following your blog for a while now as well as a few others that are into behavioural analysis and micro-expressions. I like that you provide your analysis and opinions on a topic as you see them and try to keep your opinions uninfluenced by others.

I have stopped following a couple of bloggers in this field recently. After reading their blog for a period of time, you start to realize that the blog is really about them showing the world how good they are at behavioural analysis and micro-expressions, how they are correct, how they are amazing, often veiled with questions to the audience encouraging participation not for them to learn or discuss, but so they can respond and further their "how good am I" promotion.

Up until now I have not seen this with you, but with this case, you seem to have felt the need to state over and over again that you knew all along, and that you were correct. I don't understand the change and why you feel the need to do this? I have checked the comments of the articles and I didn't come across any that were challenging you,one reader dis-agreed about tear wiping, but diversity is one of the points of blogging and commenting in my opinion).

I have always been very good at reading people, but have never known why. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that about me probably in the first few sentences, but I don't feel the need to brag about it. Nor do I tell many, I prefer it to be unnoticed. My point is that I hope this blog isn't about how good you are, but rather a place where people can come to learn, discuss, behavioural analysis, micro-expressions and improve.

Kind regards,

drewjustice said...

So many preachy people these days over such little offenses. Go make your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Ego kills Innocence ...
What a pity