Thursday, September 27, 2012

Video: Man in blue hoodie 'ran after Jill on night she disappeared' via @independent_ie

Video: Man in blue hoodie 'ran after Jill on night she disappeared' via @independent_ie

Watch the video without reading the story.  See what you can tell.  I will post in the comments what I learned.◦

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

President Obama's Big Hand Shrug When Being Picked up on Campaign Trail?

Scott Van Duzer, Ft. Pierce Restaurant Owner, Lifts Obama Off Feet With Bear Hug


Friday, September 7, 2012

Sadness at Baseball Game

So I just posted a video about the Chick-Fil-A incident that was hard to watch.  This video is almost harder to watch, but has a happy ending and took me out of the funk I was in from the last post.

Look at the sadness...


Quickest Way to Body Language Mastery: Watch this Video ‘Verbal Ambush’ of a Chick-fil-A Employee

Watch this video ten times.  You will have to turn the sound off eventually. What we see is a Chick-fill-A employee under extreme stress where every facial expression and gesture maters.

I would suggest watching the video at least once without reading on.

See how she is removing the hair from around her ear.  We can do this for a couple of reasons: to draw attention to her hair, she is hearing something she does not like.

The hand movement is because there is a small bug in her personal space, it moves close to her mouth and she blows air out to get the bug away.  We all do this to avoid eating bugs.

Notice how quickly the smile leaves her face.

When she says, "she disagrees." she leans forward.  This is a sign that she really believes what she is saying, she is not "shying away" from her statement.  Even though when she first starts speaking we see a little shoulder shrug.

She licks her bottom lip (pacifying), notice when she speaks her blink rate is irregular (part of it is eye blocking, slow blink followed by quick blink rate). We blink faster under stress.

Notice the lip purse, this is a serious sign that she could say something but is showing constraint.  She is "locking" down her mouth.

Next we see a head shrug, she dips her head to her right quickly.  Shrugs are a sign of being unsure.

Notice how she gestures with her hand, this is combination of a hand stop (because we see a great deal of palm) and hand sweep, she is trying to dismiss this conversation.

Then notice when she says my personal beliefs she places her hand on her heart this is a sign of sincerity.

Head nod yes.

Large exhale, this is a really big sign of stress. She does this several more times throughout the confrontation.

Another pacifying lip lick.

Notice when she is asked how she could live with herself another lips purse.

Notice up to this point she never takes her eyes of the customer.  We do this when in any type of confrontation (physical or verbal), when she does divert her eyes it is to look down and to the right, looking in this direction is sometimes done when we are thinking using our "logic" part of our brain.

Then notice the series of subtle micro expressions, first of sadness, then anger- both in her eyes when he continues to talk.  If you do not see it you may want consider micro expression training. Information about this is on the right hand side of this page.  This was not the first time she has shown the subtle micro expression of anger.

When she says, "We are happy to serve..." she is raising her hand, palms facing upward.  This is a gesture that shows honesty.

Another lip purse.

She cannot turn away from this customer quick enough.

Notice when he continues to talk, she how disappointed she is with her exhale.

Then look at the other employee enter the video from the bottom left, huge happiness and joy expression on her face!

Followup to the content of this video, there is a HUGE amount of dislikes compared to likes.  People hated to see this employee bullied while trying to do her job. Adam Smith, who filmed himself haranguing a polite drive-thru worker then placing the video online was fired from his position as the Chief Financial Officer of a Tucson-based medical supply company, Vante. The CEO of the company called now-former CFO Adam Smith's rant disturbing and inappropriate.  It is refreshing when there are consequences to being too politically correct and rude.

The learning continues.  She is a very expressive person.  The below video is the only video I could find of this employee being interviewed about this incident.  Watch her closely when they play part of the rant, she emotionally relives the experience.  This is common with "victims" and when there is a lack of this in a police situation, where a crime is being reported and no witnesses, it is a hot spot.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breaking News: Paul Ryan's Marathon Lie

He had me until he felt the need to add, "...I did it when I was younger."

He felt to need to add and prove his fact.  This is not confident behavior.  Made even more so because he felt the need to talk over the interviewer- He really needed to make the point...◦

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clint Eastwood Asked to Speak at the Democratic Convention?

Asked to give the same speech, Dem's just want a different color chair...

I'm not political at all.

From a perspective of ideas important to the content of this site:

  • Notice (before he starts talking to the chair) his tongue and lip licks.  After the second one he performs a tongue jut which is a sign that he has gotten away with something...
  • Notice when he touches his face (target date), this is pacifying...
Why was the speech so poorly received?  Statement analysis show a HUGE amount of ums and ahs.  At some level these words state the speakers level of self confidence, self image, and credibility.  

We use these words when we need to, and we most often need to use them when we are unsure of what we should say next.  

We use them in one-on-one conversations so the other person cannot "jump" into and steal the conversation.  

In this setting we can see he is searching for the words, he doesn't want to get to the 'punch line" too quickly.   We can also tell his level of preparation: he smoothly delivers the main talking points, but did not practice how to get there out loud- Everything seems so much better in the mind than out loud.


Chris Light's Death a Suicide: We Could Have Seen it Coming?

We never know how someone is going to deal with a little adversity, and when you are dealing with a great deal of adversity we for sure don't know. Divorce and IRS debt being the biggest of worries for Chris...

We'd expect to not see the happiest guy in the world.  If you take a look at pictures over time you can see differences: BET's Photo show.

What we see is a guy who (obviously) show less and less smiles to the point where he never is displaying a real smile, but what you will notice is he uses his arms less and less.