Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clint Eastwood Asked to Speak at the Democratic Convention?

Asked to give the same speech, Dem's just want a different color chair...

I'm not political at all.

From a perspective of ideas important to the content of this site:

  • Notice (before he starts talking to the chair) his tongue and lip licks.  After the second one he performs a tongue jut which is a sign that he has gotten away with something...
  • Notice when he touches his face (target date), this is pacifying...
Why was the speech so poorly received?  Statement analysis show a HUGE amount of ums and ahs.  At some level these words state the speakers level of self confidence, self image, and credibility.  

We use these words when we need to, and we most often need to use them when we are unsure of what we should say next.  

We use them in one-on-one conversations so the other person cannot "jump" into and steal the conversation.  

In this setting we can see he is searching for the words, he doesn't want to get to the 'punch line" too quickly.   We can also tell his level of preparation: he smoothly delivers the main talking points, but did not practice how to get there out loud- Everything seems so much better in the mind than out loud.