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Fox's More to Love- Who Will Make it to the End

I watched the premiere of the latest dating show and I clearly saw four women that caught Luke's eye.

First, Fox and the Producers are playing with FIRE! The concept sounds great, but in reality when you have so many women without realationship experience, and feel this is “the LAST chance to find someone” you have raised the stakes and they better be extremely careful that after they leave the show they have some sort of support. With all other shows of this variety the 'actors' have relationship experience and it is not the end of their relationship life if they are not chosen- many on this show feel it is and this could lead to extreme despair (along with the potential of embarrassment they may feel) which is dangerous.

You will see at least one of these people in the final... I am only commenting on their initial connection.

Malissa, He licked his lips when he saw her, he did this because he liked what he saw and subconsciously wanted to feel her touch on his lips... Luke also continued to shake her hand and this shows that he wanted extend physical contact.

Amanda, He had a larger smile with her than he had with others. She stoked her hair, which is a sign of attraction- she wants him to notice it. She shrugged one shoulder when she asked if he was ready to date multiple girls, which he turned away from, and they both laughed. Whenever you laugh together you connect. She very quickly set the tone of their relationship, she is confident, intelligent, and strong.

Lauren, connected from the start. They both were able to make small jokes and they both exhibited laughter- whenever someone laughs at our jokes we feel better about that person. He continued to hold her hand as she turned to walk up towards the door.

Melissa, he had more than a social smile with her. He brought up his other hand and held her wrist, this is a closer handshake. After he said he loved her eyes he initiated the hug- he has not done this with others. He is obviously getting more comfortable with the greeting, but it is also sign that he is attracted to her because he has done three things. In body language we call this ‘clusters‘ which is a clearer indication of his feelings. This greeting is somewhat different- he was more into her than she was into him… this could have more to do with her confidence.

Anna, he gave more than his social smile when she emerged from the car. As she was walking up the steps to go into the house, as he was watching her he subtly pursed his lips. Inward pursed lips can be a sign of stress, not wanting to speak, or not liking what they are hearing. In this particular example I believe it was a form of licking his lips, which is a sign of attraction.

Now onto those who did not have good greetings:

Arriane, unfortunately she showed disgust with her nose during the greeting. This is not good for first impressions.

Vanessa, they were out of sync. He controlled her, moving her on her mark. She held his hands instead of the other way around. She made him slightly uncomfortable.

Bonnie, he let out a tist sound while meeting her; this sound’s closest relative is a laugh; this is not good for Bonnie.

Natasha, she did not have a good greeting, they were out of sync from the start to the end. She showed nervous laughter as she was leaving, and he did nothing to alleviate her unease.◦

Actor Yuval David Dominant and Virile Stance, or What?

4th Annual Independent Television Festival Opening Night Gala

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 30: Actor Yuval David attends the 4th Annual Independent Television Festival Opening Night Gala at the Laemmle Sunset 5 on July 30, 2009 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images)

You might recognize him from Days of our Lives...

If you see this stance in a bar...this is the most sexually aggressive posture a man can display. It highlights his genital region. When I teach body language and describe how a man could take this stance with their thumbs in the pocket or wrapped around their belt loop it always seems improbable that people really hold this stance. If you see this stance displayed towards a woman he is displaying interest- be sure to check the direction his feet are pointing.

Now to this picture and lets examine it in context. He is not attempting to be sexually aggressive. He is unclear what he should do with hands, and chooses this. Hiding his thumbs is a negative gesture. Think royalty, they may place their hands in pockets or on their lapels, but they almost always show their thumbs. Thumbs denote strength of character and ego and are often used to display dominance or even superiority. He'd be better off by putting is hands in his pocket, with his thumbs sticking out. A small change like this can make all the difference in the world of Hollywood perceptions.

Studies have shown that people wearing new, attractive clothing display thumbs more than those that are wearing older clothing...

He is displaying a social smile. Having a great social smile is one of the keys for success and longevity in Hollywood. He could make it better by tilting his head ever so slightly, (if he wanted to appear more sexual he would tilt it one way and if he wanted to appear more intelligent he would point it the opposite- but more on that in a different post) and smiling big enough so we can see about one third of the top and bottom of his teeth.

I will not apologize for being "rough" on this actor. He is no different than hundreds of others who I see and analyze on the red carpets... I recognize it is just one picture... but one of the hardest things for actors to do can be the red carpet. The biggest stars rarely have a problem with this and it comes second nature to them. They come off relaxed and confident and that is one of the reason we like to see them on TV and in movies. It is a tough business to be in; where image is everything; and to play any role or character you have to understand body language.◦

Lie to Me- Firefighter's Lie Detector to Determine Race IAT

2009 Winter TCA Tour - Day 7

Remember when Eli and Gillian go to a fire station and meet with Mike Adams. They see a vigil to a firefighter who was killed on the job.

Towards the end of the show the firefighters were given a test. It is called the Implicit Association Test.

Now you can take the very same test online.

Choose Race IAT

This test IAT requires the ability to distinguish faces of European and African origin. It indicates that most Americans have an automatic preference for white over black.

Aaron Russo: Rockefeller Told Me 9/11 Was an Inside Job

Aaron Russo, the director of controversial films such as America: From Freedom to Fascism, talks ...◦

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It is Important to Keep Your Hands Below Your Neck

Whenever a person's hand(s) enters the area of the face it becomes a clue to feelings and thoughts.

Secretary Of State Clinton Meets With British Counterpart David Miliband

When someone touches their ear when listening, it could be they do not like what they are hearing. When touching their ear as they are talking it is a clue they do not like what they are saying.

Secretary Of State Clinton Meets With British Counterpart David Miliband

Touching your forehead it can be a sign of thinking, or stress, or a form of eye blocking , or even boredom if it is helping the person hold their head upright. This looks more like a pacifying behavior. I believe she is tired.

Secretary Of State Clinton Meets With British Counterpart David Miliband

Touching eyes and around your eyes can mean the person doesn't like what they are seeing. It can be a form of eye blocking. In this case she appears to be scratching her eyebrow, this can mean all type of things depending on the context of the situation.

It is important, if you are giving a speech, that you limit your hand movements and gestures to the space between your shoulders and waist.

Mrs. Clinton is a practiced speaker and this is out of character for her.

WASHINGTON - JULY 29: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) answers reporters' questions during a brief news conference with British Foreign Minister David Miliband at the State Department July 29, 2009 in Washington, DC. Miliband and Clinton answered questions about Iraq, Afghanistan and the continued sharing of intelligence between the two allies. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)◦

Practiced Liars

The most difficult group of people to detect lying from is career criminals; in a funny twist of fate they are also the best at detecting lies (without training).

Why is this?

Practiced liars, the people who lie every day, the nonverbal effects of deception simply wear off. It is where the phrase comes from, "You were living you life as a lie."

Think of the unfaithful husband who carries on an affair for years or decades, from the first day it started he was living a lie. As time moved on, it became easier for him to tell the lies he told to maintain his double life.

Con men do not simply snap and start stealing. They start small, and as lying becomes more practiced, it becomes easier, and more profitable.

The same goes for the spy or agent who first receives deceit training, then they develop and hone those skills.

What does this mean for us? Well the first lesson is it is better to catch them early on in their lie. Secondly, we need to continue to develop our skills and technologies.◦

Why Are You Leaning on the Table?

I have found that players who overtly lean over the table tend to have weak hands, while those that subtlety are leaning towards the table have a good hand.

The opposite is true, if a plays overtly leans back in his/her chair it could be the person is trying to act like they want to be away from the hand and they have a week hand while in fact they have something and are doing their best to appear that they do not. Now if you see a player start so slightly move away from the table during the course of the hand you can be sure they are attempting to flee their hands.

Here is the key: if their body language does not match their betting style, run. If I see someone make big bets and is leaning back, I better have the Nuts. On the other hand, If I see someone bet big then slowly fade away, it is probably a bluff.

Now there is another key to all this: You need to be able to spot genuine body language to the fakers. fakers have more orchestrated movements because they are thinking as they do them, and they tend to hold the position longer than true body language.◦

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Intense Emotion

The 293rd Military Police Company Deploys For Afghanistan

FORT STEWART, GA - JULY 28: Julie Robinson says goodbye to her son U.S. Army PFC Austin McKee before he deploys to Afghanistan with the 293rd Military Police Company July 28, 2009 in Fort Stewart, Georgia. More than 130 soldiers from the company, attached to the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, will spend the next year in Afghanistan training the Afghan National Police. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

Anytime I see a picture with such intense emotion I have to stop and stare at it for a long time. Obviously there is the macroexpression of sadness; and intense stress in the forehead and through the lower jaw.

When I see someone else smile, I smile... when I see someone else suffer, I suffer... How can you not feel empathy for her? We hope and pray she doesn't shows this same expression again in the next year.◦

Con Men and Predators Will Look You in the Eye

Bernie Madoff Pleads Guilty To $50 Billion Scheme To De-Fraud Investors

Eye contact. It’s a sign of truthfulness.

The problem is that swindlers, con men and sex offenders have known this for centuries.

Psychologist Anna Salter, says, "If a sex offender is breathing who doesn’t know to keep good eye contact when hcs lying, I haven’t met him yet. Eye contact is universally known to be a sign of truth-telling. People can fake eye contact; therefore, in reality, it absolutely is not a sign of truth-telling because liars will fake anything it is possible to fake—a commonsense conclusion that research confirms."

A man who raped dozen of children told Anna, "The manner that I use when I was trying to convince somebody— even though I knew I was lying—I’d look them in the eye. but I wouldn’t stare at them. Staring makes people uncomfortable and that tends to turn them away, so I wouldn’t stare at them. But look at them in a manner that, you know, look at this innocent face. How can you believe that I would do something like that?” It helps if you have a good command of the vocabulary where you can explain yourself in a way that is easily understood. Dress nice. Use fluent hand gestures that are not attacking in any way."◦

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lie to Me Second Season, starts...

The second season of hit drama Lie To Me will premiere Monday, September 28 (9:00 PM/ET).◦

Jillian Harris, Bachelorette Will Not Marry...Doomed

2009 Disney & ABC Television Group Summer Press Junket

BURBANK, CA - MAY 30: TV personality Jillian Harris from the television show 'The Bachelorette' attends the 2009 Disney & ABC Television Group summer press junket at the Walt Disney Studios on May 30, 2009 in Burbank, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

One thing I can count on, like clockwork, my wife and daughter will faithfully make sure that I'm sitting in front of the TV when The Bachelorette is on. It is probably the one tangible thing they like and get out of my abilities of reading people.

From the first greeting to the last rose ceremony I'm asked all along the way, "Is that true," "Does he love her," and stuff like, "Will it work out."

With the editing on a show like this, you see more clues and emotions in a short amount of time and you are able to guesstimate 60-75% of the time what is really going on.

HERE IS THE SAD TRUTH, She will not marry ED!!!

Watch it again online! The clearest signal that I saw of Jillian's true feelings is with each and every kiss (except for one at the rose ceremony) with ED she physically backed away from his kiss with her upper body and she angled her face and shoulders away from Ed immediately after the kiss. It is what anthropologists call "angular distance." By turning farther away to right or left reveals how someone truly feels about someone else.

When I first saw this I knew what was up. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and examined it in the context where some sort of love could exist: For example maybe she was doing this to play hard to get so he might get a tad more "fire" below in ED; or so she could play with us and trick us into guessing she'd pick the other guy... I was trying to ignore the gesture clusters that clearly stated, she wasn't that into him... Maybe... Then I saw it several more times AFTER the rose ceremony. It is written all over her body language.

In the long line of failed relationships brought together by a silly concept, another will bite the dust. If you know of some off shore betting establishing taking bets on this, let me know...◦

The Body Language of Depression and Suicide

There are many sites listing the behavioral clues to depression, and if you are concerned about someone you know please search out this information.

My goal here are to list several common body language signs so that they can be tracked over time to help you determine if things are worsening.

In the face, in full blown sadness ,you will see lowered inner eyebrows, droopy eye lids, lowered outer lips.

In subtle sadness you could see raised inner eyebrows, protruding lower lip, eye blocking.

Research has shown that facial sadness is one of the easier emotions to determine.

In body language you could see lower shoulders, arms hanging down, head tilted to the side, lazy posture, and lack of gestures- it as if they are saying and/or conveying 'why bother' non verbally.

The gestures you will see will be pacifying in nature. Rubbing of hands, neck, face... You can judge the extent they are willing to share their pain by how open their gestures are- for instance if they are rubbing their face or over their heart. It doesn't necessarily mean they will share - as the mind and body do not always agree with each other.

Emotions that are related to depression could be shame, defeat, contempt, pain, guilt are among a few.

You must evaluate the nonverbal signals in the context of the root cause. For example, while it is normal to suffer a certain about of depression after the death of a loved one, we must evaluate the enormity of it over time and to what degree it appears different from the norm.

If you see depression in those around you, seek guidance from trained professionals.◦

When Players Who Talk Become Silent

They have a hand.

When silent ones become talkative, they have a hand.

When people who have lazy posture, are sitting straighter or even at attention, they have a hand.

You are looking for changes in behavior. Subtle or not so subtle need to be recognized and noticed. Whenever there is a change, your should be on full alert. I see professional poker players on televison do this all the time after their initial bet after the flop, it is time for the sunglasses?!?!◦

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Don't Stand to Close to... that child- Pedophiles and Proximity to Others.

There are social norms of how close we stand next to others, and visa versa. One way to spot a pedophile is they will violate these norms with children.

You might think this would be easy to spot- but with children, who are unfamiliar with these norms, and are sometimes moving all the time, it can go unnoticed.

There is a bubble around most people of approximately 18 inches that is consider "personal space." We only let those very closest to us in this area, and it is generally reserved for those we are dating/married/immediate family.

As we grow older, less and less people are "allowed" in this area. As we grow older we will feel more uncomfortable with allowing others in this area.

To the pedophile they can naturally enter this zone under the guise of natural friendship: it could start with a pat on the head; or leaning into the child who is standing next to them as them compliment them to their parents.

Obviously watch for the zone infraction; but combine this watchfulness with this question, "Would the invasion of personal space make yourself uncomfortable if you were in the child's position?"

In today's time, where everyone who works with children should know the rules of what is appropriate, if you see this type of space infraction be warned and on alert. There should be no difference between a child and adult in regards to the personal bubble of intimate space.

This warning is quite different for the previous post on this subject- if you are comparing the body language the two different personalities described in the two posts- they exist at two different ends of the continuum. What I have described here is the body language of the type of predator who places themselves in position(s) where they are working and interacting with children to further their sexual wants.

WARNING: Not every invasion of your child's personal space warrants an investigation, it should put you on guard. 99% of the people who work as teachers, religious leaders, scout leaders are doing so innocently and without hidden personal motives.

Ben Roethlisberger Statement on Civil Suit Alleging He Raped a Woman

This is a high stakes situation which lends itself to leakage if deception or inaccuracies are present.

Obviously he was very nervous and exhibited high stress throughout the statement. He read from a prepared statement, that included legal review, and he had practiced it several times. His hand gestures were unnatural.

With all that being said he did speak freely about all the issues and I could see no deception or inaccuracies. You can notice how subtly he slightly shakes his head no and yes to emphasize his points.

His initial sentence is not something that could be said by someone who was guilty without some sort of deception leakage, especially under his extreme stress and nervousness.

Slight eye blocking with his blinking, he doesn't like that he is seeing all the reporters, cameras, etc.

There are several subtle shoulder shrugs which suggest he is unclear why this is occurring. Shrugs are a universal gesture of helplessness and uncertainty.

He is less convincing when he describes his obligations to his work; it is during this time he shows subtle sadness and defeat. It is as if he is saying with his expressions that it will be difficult to accomplish his obligations.

Now, there may be more to the story that will eventually come out through the legal proceedings, for instance he doesn't say he did not have consensual sexual relations with the accuser. He is too nervous and stressed if this was someone he didn't know or only met in the lobby.

It is my opinion he is being truthful in his statement.◦

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dr. Sam Sheppard Mystery Solved Through My Statement Analysis- Part Three [FINAL]

Dr Sam Sheppard Center Whose Story Inspired The Popular Televisio

Undated File Photo: Dr. Sam Sheppard, Center, Whose Story Inspired The Popular Television Series And Movie 'The Fugitive,' Is Seen In This Undated File Photo. Proceedings Begin January 31, 2000 In The Wrongful Imprisonment Suit Against The State Of Ohio Filed By Sheppard's Son, Samuel Reese Sheppard, Jr. (Photo By Getty Images)

My comments are Bold and Italicized throughout the statement below. Interesting things said by the doctor are in RED.

At this point the statement would be marked as after the incident. 50% of the statement should be the actual incident. At this point we'd expect the statement to become more emotional because it is at this point the realization and the affect of his wife being murdered would be felt. As with other posts I will not mark all items that are normally marked during statement analysis for fear it would confuse those not familiar with the process- I will only mark sections that are interesting from a deception or guilt perspective.

A number came to me and I called, believing that this number was Mr. Houk's. I don't remember what I said to Mr. Houk. He and his wife arrived there shortly thereafter. During this period I paced back and forth somewhere in the house, relatively disoriented, not knowing what to do or where to turn. I think that I was seated at the kitchen table with my head on the table when they arrived but I may have gone into the den. I went into the den as I recall, either before or shortly after they arrived. The injury to my neck is the only severe pain that I can recall. I should say the discomfort in my neck. I didn't touch the back door on the road side to my recollection. Shortly after the Houks arrived, one of them poured half a glass of whisky as they knew where we kept a small supply of liquor and told me to drink it. I refused, since I was so groggy anyway, I was trying to recover my senses. I soon lay down on the floor. Mr. Houk and Mrs. Houk went upstairs, I am not sure of their actions. Mr. Houk called the police and the ambulance; this is in my recollection, and also my brother Richard. I am pretty sure that Mr. Houk called the police station from my study because he said "bring an ambulance"- correction - he referred to the need of an ambulance and maybe two. He also called my brother Richard. I remember my brother, Dr. Richard, speaking with me for a moment and looking at me. I believe Officer Drohnken spoke to me and asked how I had been injured. I can't recall my reply for sure. Soon thereafter I was on the floor trying to give my neck and head some support, when Dr. Stephen Sheppard examined me some time thereafter. Dr. Stephen Sheppard assisted me to his car, which I think was his station wagon, which as I recall, was just behind the Bay Village ambulance. I remember no other specific vehicles. I was transported to Bay View hospital.

I related some of the incidents to mayor Houk and one or more of the Bay Village police officers. Later in the morning I was questioned by Dr. Gerber and at another time by two officers of the Cleveland Police Department, Officers Schottke and Gareau. Later, I believe, later in the day, I was again interviewed by Officers Schottke and Gareau the presence of Chief Baton of the Bay Village Police Department. At this time I was asked to explain some things that I had no explanation for. I was shown a green bag; a green cloth bag looked like heavy cloth. I thought it was eight or ten inches long and five inches wide. I was asked to identify it. It looked to me like a bag that is used to carry motor boat tools. This was similar to the bag, if not the same bag, that accompanied my Johnson outboard motor vehicle I purchased it. I was also shown a watch that I identified as mine and questioned why there was blood on the band and crystal and why it had been found in this bag with some other articles in the weeds behind my house on the bank. I am not sure but I believe Officer Schottke said that there was also a ring and keychain, also in the bag but I don’t believe that he showed me these articles. I told him, as I recall, that I had attended stock car races two or three days previously with my wife, Otto Graham and his wife and I didn’t mention the children as I recall and was caught in a drenching rain, at which time I wore no coat or jacket but I don't think I explained this at that particular time. I since recall having inadvertently this at that particular time. I since recall having inadvertently water-skied with my watch on in the past few days and had noticed a great deal of moisture in the crystal. I had commented on this to my wife and some other people, I am not sure who. My wife planned to take the watch to Halle Brothers in the near future where she had purchased it.

A: I was subjected to a period of questioning, all of which I can’t recall at this time but was reminded of this morning and then the officers left.

Q: How long had you known your wife Marilyn?

A: Since we were in Junior High School, approximately fifteen years, or slightly more, in 1937 or 1938.

Q: From the time you met her until you were married, did you see one another quite frequently?

A: I would say yes, however, there was a period when she entered high school that I remained in Junior High School, that we saw each other very seldom for being sweethearts. In other words, we were not going together but still giving each other and liked each other…

Q: When did you first begin to keep steady company with her?

A: When we were in Junior High School, when she was in the ninth grade and I was in the eighth grade. She was a year and a half ahead of me in school. We had a so-called affair which, as I say, became inactive when she went to high school, but was revived when I reached high school and was able to assert myself. This continued throughout high school. She as I saw, was a mid-year but; she took extra courses in order to stay in high school until June of 1941. Some time during my sophomore year, I had joined a fraternity and Hi-Y and I offered her my Hi-Y pill and eventually my fraternity pin, which at that time signified going steady. During the following spring and summer she displayed the intent to have dates with other fellows. She was staying with her grandparents out at Mentor-on-the Lake. Early in the fall the following year, which was 1941, we resumed our former relationship. The following year I was a junior in high school and she went to Skidmore College. From that time on we considered ourselves engaged although it was not publicly announced und the fraternity pin was the only representation of this fact. This was a high school fraternity but a national organization and part of the laws of the fraternity insisted that only mothers, sisters and engaged sweethearts should wear the pin other than the active member himself. My freshman year in college, I joined a national college fraternity and she got that fraternity pin as soon as it was available.

Q: When and where were you married?

A: In 1945, I believe, February 21st, in Hollywood, California, First Methodist Church.

Q. Where did you take up residence after you were married?

A. In a small apartment on Sichel Street in Los Angeles.

Q. How long did you live there?

A. We lived there on that same street until the spring of 1951.

Q: During the time that you lived in California, did you and your wife, Marilyn have a misunderstanding whereby either one of you thought it best to part or separate?

A: During and following my wife's pregnancy up to approximately two years following the birth of the youngster, my wife became quite jealous. This was consistent with the termination of my didactic school work and the initiation of my work as a physician, which included contact with many women, both patients and fellow workers. This jealous reaction improved steadily until she became seemingly much more tolerant than I would consider the average female to be.

Q: Did she ever consult an attorney in reference to your domestic difficulties?

A. Not that I know of.

Q: Is it true that some members of your family communicated with her, asking her to be tolerant and reconsider her action?

A: Not that I know of, but I think that some members of her family, however, may have.

Q: Since your removal to the State of Ohio, what has been your home life?

A: Well, I considered it to be ideal in that she seemed to make it her business to be agreeable, tolerant and I should say, livable. Forever, there were times when this little jealous streak would show up but I would always reassure her and she seemed to need no further support.

Q: Did she ever directly or indirectly accuse you of having an affair with someone else?

A: She indirectly may have in questioning me about my whereabouts at various times and in the form of reassurance I often took her with me, when possible on visits to nearby cities or even the hospital.

'May have' is incorrect. She either did or did not question him. This is a sign he does not want to admit about her questioning.

Q: How would these inferences affect you?

A: Well they affected me in the direction of reassuring her what seemed to satisfy her and thereby produce a reversed action, whereby she would encourage me to be friendly with other women at social gatherings whereas at other times she might have resented the same action which she had encouraged before.

Q: Is it true, Doctor, that on several occasions when you were discussing your marital troubles, that you flew into a rage?

A: Absolutely not, never.

Absolutely is word that we always mark in statement analysis; it is a word that people use to 'prove' what the next thing they say is true- but what they say is suspect in our analysis. It is said to give emphasis to a denial or statement. Innocent people do not need to use words to plead for believability.

Q: Did you ever have an affair with a Sue Hayes?

A: I wouldn't call it an affair but we have been good friends for some time, which was known to my wife.

He is being asked a 'Yes' or 'No' question which he does not answer either yes or no; instead he gives a sentence where he can skirt directly answering the question by bending his definition of "an affair." It is also interesting that he admits that it was know to his wife, yet she only indirectly asked him questions concerning his whereabouts.

Q: Had she been employed at Bayview Hospital?

A: Yes. I don't know the exact dates. She was employed there when I initiated my work at the hospital and she terminated her work there some time last winter or early spring in 1953. She returned some time later in that year and terminated her work again at the hospital some time early in 1954. She went to California.

Q: In what capacity was she employed at the hospital?

A: Laboratory technician.

Q: While at work you had considerable contact with her didn't you?

A: Yes.

Q: To what extent?

A: She did a great deal of the technical laboratory work on all of the doctors' patients in the hospital and was the only technician practically that readily answered emergency calls on accidents or emergency surgical cases. I might also add that she was considered during her stay one of the authorities when special work was necessary.

Q: Is it true that you socialized a lot with her?

A: In the hospital, yes. I wouldn't call it socialized. We talked we became good friends.

Q: Nothing more than good friends?

A: No.

While it is a strong 'No' it is interesting that he admits to something in other places. Once again he is bending his definition of friends.

Q: What was the occasion for you purchasing a wrist watch for her?

A: She was in California at the time. I was there in March of 1954 and I had asked her with some of her friends to accompany me with a group of doctors and wives to a dinner, at which time or during the evening she lost her wrist watch. I paid the check for the dinner which, incidentally amounted to more than the wrist watch was worth and knowing this she could not afford to purchase another one, I purchased one for her which was consistent with the one that she had lost, in price range.

Q: Did your wife Marilyn know that you were contemplating purchasing this wrist watch or did she know immediately thereafter?

A: My wife didn't know of this until in casually discussing the trip some time during our trip home, that is, me and my wife, or after we had reached home shortly, at which time she became some what upset, failing to understand the intent. I wish to add, I told her of this voluntarily.

Q. Do you own a Jaguar Sport car?

A: Yes.

Q: Where did you purchase it?

A: I purchased it from M.G. Motors, which was at that time located on Lorain Road and has since been moved to Detroit Road.

Q: Do you recall the salesman name that negotiated the transaction?

A.: The only real salesman is the boss and that is Mr. Robert Lossman.

Q: Did you have occasion to meet his wife, Julle Lossman?

A: I took care of her as a patient about a year and a half ago when they were involved in an accident.

Q: Did you become very well acquainted with her?

A: As a doctor-patient relationship, yes.

Q: Now, is it true that a very close friendship resulted from this meeting?

A: I would say a close friendship with both the husband and the wife.

Q: Isn't it a fact that it developed into a love affair?

A. No, not on my part certainly.

As you will see from the below line of questioning that once again he is bending his definition of 'love affair' and perhaps this answer was 'true' because he never felt love on his part.

Q: Of your own knowledge, do you know whether or not there had been a discussion between Mrs. Lossman and her husband and you and your wife Marilyn that there had been such an affair existing between you and Mrs. Lossman?

A: That is difficult to answer. My wife and I were present at a time when Mr. Lossman and his wife discussed some of their marital problems. He at this time did mention the belief that she had shown particular like to me. We merely attempted to act as referees, my wife and I.

Once again a yes or no is all that is required.

Q. How did this affect your wife Marilyn?

A: She thereafter felt that it would be best that we not arrange frequent social affairs with the Lossman's and I agreed.

Q: How long ago was it that you decided not to see the Lossman's so frequently?

A. That was last summer in 1953 after the middle of the summer.

Q: Isn't it a fact that you have contacted Mrs. Lossman by telephone since then?

A: I never contacted Mrs. Lossman by telephone. She contacted me always in regard to some medical problem in regard to her little girl or herself. I saw Mr. Lossman frequently at the car agency and I saw them both infrequently at gatherings of the Sports Car Club, which is it club that I am not very active in but attend functions of occasionally here in the city.

Q: Isn't it a fact that you dated Julle Lossman on several occasions?

A: Absolutely not. I know there was some rumor to that effect but it is not true.

Q: Did your wife Marilyn know of this rumor?

A: Yes.

Q: How did it affect her?

A: She made it known to me and I reassured her and agreed that we should minimize our social contacts with the Lossman's and that was all there was to it. She had no particular objections as long as we kept it on a very infrequent basis.

This is interesting, he is referring to social contacts. This is slightly different than the other occasion where they agreed to minimize social contact. 'Which was known to my wife' above when discussing a different woman, can lead to confusion as to the intent of the sentence.

Q: Since this agreement with Marilyn about the contacts with the Lossman's, did your wife Marilyn show any coldness toward you?

A: No.

Q: Your home life was like an average normal couple's, had no bickerings or any petty quarrels?

A: No, because she respected my decisions on all matters.

Q: Directing your attention to the night of July 3d, 1954, at which time your wife was murdered, are you directly or indirectly involved in this crime?

A: Absolutely not.

Q: Do you know of any reason why someone else would take her life?

A: Possibly.

Q: Will you state the possibility?

A. Well, I don't know but I have heard of individuals who are maniac enough that when they start something, an act like that, it becomes a compulsion, a means of satisfaction like the ordinary man has from an orgasm or something of that nature. She has spurned lovers, potential lovers.

Beware of the speech. What follows is always important.

Q. How many of those potential lovers did she have?

A: Three that I know of and I am pretty sure, more. I am certain that there wore more.

Three is called a liars number. When people make things up they are more likely to make up the number three. While he could be telling the truth, it warrants further investigation and confirmation. With the next question it appears there was follow up and the individual names were left out of the signed statement.

Q: Have you told the police about these three and revealed their identity?

A. Yes.

Q: The night of July 3rd, 1954, when you reached the top of the stairs, after you heard Marilyn's outcries, you say you saw someone standing beside the bed occupied by your wife, were they standing or stooping over the bed?

A: I don't recall seeing anything from the head of the stairs, it happened so rapidly, it must have been when I entered the room and I don't know whether they were standing or stopping.

Stopping what? If it was beating or sexual assaulting (by the way the body was found) he would have heard something upon approaching the room.

Q: Immediately upon entering this room, did you have an opportunity to make some examination of your wife?

A: No.

Q: Why?

A: Because as I told you, I seemed to be immediately engaged in grappling, with someone.

Q: Do you know what portion of the body of this person you were grappling with that you had hold of?

You can tell the detective also picked up on my same concerns I had stated in previous posts, he understands that things concerning the struggles are not adding up in his statment.

A: I don't recall holding any portion of the body in the bedroom.

Q: You stated that you were assaulted from behind when you entered the room or immediately thereafter?

A: I felt that I was engaged from a direction somewhere within 180 degrees in front of me and you seemingly were struck from behind as I stated above.

For this to occur there would have to be two intruders, which there was not.

By Detective Robert Schottke:

Q: At the time you were assaulted on the beach, what was the condition as to light or darkness?

A: As I related before to Mr. Rossbach, it was just lighter than dark, it was not as dark as darkest night. There was a light seemingly starting, about the best way I can put it, as though daylight was just barely beginning.

Frustration is showing. Investigators will ask the same question over and over again, rephrasing it, attempting to elicit more information. This is a sensitive question to the doctor.

Q: At the time when you and this man were tussling or fighting on the beach, about how many feet of beach was there?

A: I don't know.

Once again, in his statement above he was very clear concerning his position when he awoke. The doctor has made a mistake with this part of the story that the detectives are attempting to bring forth. It is likely related to the north wind, high water, and no signs of a struggle. North winds on Lake Erie are not long lasting without bad storms, to wake up in the water would be unlikely. Without knowing the shape of the beach, position of the boat house, etc. it is hard to determine the exact nature of their questions and his answers.

Q: At the time when you were fighting with this man, could you feel any water in which you were fighting?

A: I can't say for sure but it seemed like the bench was firm, as though it had been washed over and packed somewhat.

Q: At the time when you woke up, will you explain your position on the beach as to this retaining wall, how many feet you were from this retaining wall?

A: I don't know, I can't say, but I think I can say that I was between the easterly and of that retaining wall and the steps, but I cannot say how far I was north-south wise.

Q: At the time when you woke up on the beach, will you tell us as to the condition of the wind and the waves?

A: It seemed that it was somewhat windy and the waves were moderately high. I’ll say too high to water ski and not too high to fish, not real high but moderately high.

Q: Is there anything else that you can tell us about this, Doctor?

A: Not that I can think of now. I wanted to say that I have come here of my own free will to help you in every way that I can to solve this tragedy and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to give you any additional information when and if I shall be able to remember it or find it.

'Think of now.' is an indictator he does have more information to give, but is unwilling or chooses not to.

He is leaving the door open that there may be 'reason' to continue the converstation at a later time.

Q: Have you been treated fairly during the course of this questioning?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Have you read the above statement and is it the truth?

A: Yes it is true.

This is one of those things that drive people trained in statement analysis crazy. Language is specific, and when conducting statement analysis we take it to the greatest degree. What is the object of 'IT' in the above 'Yes it is true.' The statement itself is simply a statement; it does not have the right to be true or false. The words, sentences, and answers have the right to be true or false. In many older statements this type of language is used. Today there is more clear language that more accurately states that the information contained in the statement is an accurate representation of what has occurred and happened and nothing has been left out. This allows for further questions if something is found out after the statement was taken that contradicts the statement.strong>

Signed Samuel H. Sheppard

Robert F. Sehottke, Det.
Patrick A. Gareau, Det.
Carl Rossbach, Dpty.
Arthur E. Petersilge

This statement was taken by Gertrude Bauer and concluded at 4:15 o'clock P.M. Saturday, July 10th, 1954.

End note: I was hesitant to release this because this occurred many, many decades earlier and statements this old are from a different time. Language and the way we talk changes, they were more proper. Today when we see more proper language in statement we analyze the proper parts of the statement more clearly.

Another example showing this was from a different time, is the interview of the doctor took many hours and was condensed in this statment. Since the doctor has signed the statement we have to assume words were not placed in his mouth; an innocent man would object over the smallest detail that makes him appear more guilty.

Another thing that concerns me is the effect if could have on others. All of the major players in this case are long gone at this point. This case was a major case for the time and several people were hurt as a result. I feel that time has passed to the extent that it is not widely known and public interest has long passed.

Social science and criminal investigations have changed drastically since the murder. His wife was pregnant at the time, today we understand that the father is the statistically the most likely suspect. We also know that when a loved one finds a family member murdered, if their privates are exposed, each and every time they will cover the privates to give them dignity- some have gone so far as to wash the body to erase the indignity- which did not occur here.

For more background into the doctor, click below.


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Dr. Sam Sheppard Mystery Solved Through My Statement Analysis- Part Two

Sam Sheppard In Neck Brace At Trial

Dr. Samuel Sheppard sits at a courtroom table wearing a neck brace and sunglasses, while on trial for murder in the beating death of his wife Marilyn, Bay Village, Ohio, 1954. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

My comments are Bold and Italicized throughout the statement below. Interesting things said by the doctor are in RED.

In the dim light I began to come to my senses and recognized a slight reflection on a badge that I have on my wallet. I picked up the wallet and while putting it in my pocket, came to the realization that I had been struck and something was wrong. I looked at my wife, I believe I took her pulse and felt that she was gone. I believe that I thereafter instinctively or sub­consciously ran into my youngster's room next door and somehow determined that he was all right, I am not sure how I determined this. After that, I thought that I heard a noise downstairs, seemingly in the front eastern portion of the house. I went down stairs as rapidly as I could, coming down the west division of the steps, I rounded the L of the living room and went toward the dining table situated on the East wall of the long front room on the lake side. I then saw a form progressing rapidly somewhere between the front door toward the lake and the screen door, or possibly slightly beyond the screen door. I pursued this form through the front door, over the porch and out the screen door. All of the doors were evidently open, down the steps to the beach house landing and then on down the steps to the beach, where I lunged or jumped and grapped him in sane manner from the back, either body or leg, it was something solid. However, I am not sure. This was beyond too steps an unknown distance but probably about ten feet. I had the feeling of twisting or choking and this terminated my consciousness.

'began' is present tense verb but they may have spoken that way in the 50s.

I think it is odd that he mentions his wallet, but does not mention if anything was missing. We have to ask us ourselves why? Is it to solidify the robbery concept? Is it to say he had a badge?

His first realization- should have been before putting his wallet is in pocket- is that he had been struck and something was wrong- the order is wrong- the realization should have been listed first.

He then states he looked at his wife- who is on the bed- there is no transition from the sitting position to being able to look at her and take her pulse.

There is no mention of how she was laid out, which is significant and shocking. There is no mention of the blood and his wife's bruises. There is no emotion, which we would expect at this point.

He 'thought' he heard a noise down stairs; you either did or didn't. These are unnecessary words which is a sign of a deceptive story.

'either body or leg' it is odd that he is unclear what he got a hold of; given that he 'lunged or jumped' and was now holding the form on the lower portion of the form's body; he states he had him from the back- how then do we transition to him having the 'feeling of twisting or choking.' The act of cutting off oxygen is not something that can occur without struggle, unless the neck is broken. Having a 'feeling' is an understatement, he should be clear.

The next thing I know I came to a very groggy recollection or being at the water's edge on my face, being wallowed back and forth by the waves. My head was toward the bank, my legs and feet were toward the water. I staggered to my feet and came slowly to some sort of sense. I don't know how long it took but I staggered up the stairs toward the house and at some time came to the realization that something was wrong and that my wife had been injured. I went back upstairs and looked at my wife and felt her and checked for a pulse on her neck and determined or thought that she was gone. I became or thought that I was disoriented and the victim of a bizarre dream and I believe I paced in and out of the room and possibly into one of the other rooms. I may have reexamined her, finally realizing that this was true. I went downstairs; I believe I went through the kitchen into my study, searching for a name, a number or what to do.

It is odd that he is so clear as to his position on the water's edge, then later states how he became disorientated.

I believe everything, he states, that happened upstairs in the house it truthful.

A doctor would have no problem determining death.

Perhaps I should have explained statement analysis a bit more in detail. Most people, even guilty ones, do not lie in their statements. They have a way of being truthful, but are able to be truthful because they bend the definitions of words and phrases; they omit important information that signals guilt. In the process of having to juggle both sides, their words trip them up.

Up to this point the police know a great deal about the victim and what she went through. Nothing the doctor has said contradicts what we can imagine happened to her from a medical perspective. In fact everything that he states here is likely to have happened, and would be seen clearly by the murder. The detail in which he interjects is from a suffering perspective, while he ignores the gruesome details- this in itself is a sign of distancing himself from the crime. He is more comfortable with telling us about her moans, perhaps he feels she deserved it?

The doctor suggests the presence of 'a form' but there is a great deal of inconsistency in regard to the form's position and subsequent struggles that render the doctor unconscious.

Both times where he lost consciousness he is unclear how it happened; it simply happened.

To be Continued...


Friday, July 24, 2009

Dr. Sam Sheppard Mystery Solved Through My Statement Analysis- Part One

Undated File Photo: Dr. Sam Sheppard, Whose Story Inspired The Popular Television Series And Movie 'The Fugitive,' Is Seen In This Undated File Photo. Proceedings Begin January 31, 2000 In The Wrongful Imprisonment Suit Against The State Of Ohio Filed By Sheppard's Son, Samuel Reese Sheppard, Jr. (Photo By Getty Images)

My comments are Bold and Italicized throughout the statement below. Interesting things said by the doctor are in RED.

Interview at Sheriff's Office on July 10, 1954 (11:40 A.M.)
Sheriff's Office
County of Cuyahoga

Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard, you are now being questioned and may be charged with the crime of Murder at a later date. The law gives you the right to make a statement if you so desire. Anything that you may say here may be used either for or against you at the time that you are brought to trial in court. Now that you understand these facts, do you wish to make a statement telling us the truth about the facts that caused your questioning at this time?

A: Yes.

Q: Has any drug or medicine been administered to you within the past twelve hours?

A: Just about twelve hours ago I did have a grain and a half of seconal which is a short acting barbiturate and should have no effect on me at this time.

Q: Is there any doubt in your mind but what you can sit here and give us a true statement of what you know that occurred in your house on the night of July 3rd, 1954? At 28924 Lake Road, City of Bay V1l1age, Ohio?

A: I feel that at this time I can tell all that I know.
He does not answer the question with a simple Yes, instead uses the hedge words of 'at this time' and 'all that I know.' When words like this are used he is giving himself wiggle room in his mind and is saying I'm going to give you the information I want to at this time, but I might not be telling you the entire story.

Q: Proceed

A: After having a difficult morning and early afternoon at Day View Hospital where I am in charge of the accident room and the head of the Department of Neurosurgery, I made a couple of visits and then proceeded home.
'I made a couple of visits' -knowing more about the visits is an important part of the investigation. As you will learn later on in the statement, the doctor had had affairs. Years later another individual was implicated in her murder; if the doctor worked together with this person it could very well be that they met during this time. We will never know based on the information available on the Internet about this case."

I arrived home at a time later than five o'clock, realizing this because I had hoped to work in the yard with my family and found that it was too late to do so. My wife informed me that we correction - that she had planned to get together with Mr. & Mrs. Ahern that evening. We were to go to their home for a drink before dinner and then return to our home for dinner. We realized that there were a couple of business matters involving vouchers that we should record and we did this before leaving the house. We compared notes and my wife recorded the material on the Sheppard Clinic vouchers. We soon thereafter went down to the Ahern's and drove our larger car as I recall. The Ahern's were both working in the yard with their children and we instructed them not to stop but to continue with their work as we chatted. My son was playing with youngsters in the yard. Mrs. Ahern insisted on going inside shortly thereafter and Mr. Ahern instructed his young son how to continue the lawn mowing with their power mower. We shortly went into their kitchen and some type of mixed drinks were prepared. I am not absolutely clear in regard to the exact nature of this drink since we often have done this in the past and I could confuse one incident with another. Shortly thereafter, or after being there for a short time, I received a telephone call from the hospital in regard to a youngster that had broken his femur which is the thigh bone. I had received this call as a result of reporting their number to the hospital in regard to my whereabouts.
It is slightly odd to not tell the story in the order that it happened, especially for a smart man. The Doctor should have stated he had called the hospital when he actually did it, not after the fact. Why did he feel the need to explain why he got a phone call at their house? This would be worthy of a simply question if you were the interviewer, "when exactly did you call the hospital?"

The type of fracture was described to me and I decided that I had best go to the hospital and evaluate the situation. I asked Mrs. Ahern to find me a clove so that I could put this in my mouth and overcome any slight odor. I got into the car and proceeded to the hospital where I examined the youngster and the X-rays that had been taken. This youngster, as I recall, was visiting here and lives in an area near Youngstown. I believe it was the father with the youngster but I am not absolutely sure.
I hope the police followed up on his visit to the hospital and this patient. There is a great deal of fuzzy language in this statement. At this point there are several interesting statements explaining absences.

I explained that the youngster should be treated in the hospital and we hoped could soon be transported to the Youngstown hospital which I attend in the capacity of neuro-surgeon and traumatic surgeon. I then got in my car and returned toward my home, passing it since I did not see signs of the Ahern's, my wife and the children. So I returned to the Ahern’s home. Mrs. Sheppard shortly left to start the dinner. I and the Ahern's followed soon thereafter. I believe the children went with us but they may have run over by themselves. I really don't know. At our home Mr. Ahern and I chatted and the children played while the girls prepared dinner. The youngsters somehow evinced interest in my punching bag in the basement so I took them downstairs and placed a bushel basket under it so that they might reach the bag in order to hit it. I spent a moment or two with them showing them how it should be properly struck. I recall now that the children were fed in the kitchen before we ate. Shortly thereafter we four adults had dinner on the porch. It was quite breezy, the wind coming from the north generally, it may have been northeast or northwest but since the porch was cool, sweaters and jackets were in order and I put on my brown corduroy jacket. The others I am not sure of what they wore. I remember that my wife had baked pie which is my favorite dessert. The other types of food I can't truly remember.
Having lived on lake Erie myself, knowing the wind is from the north is significant. The lake is shallow for a great lake and the wind direction can drastically change water levels- as much as a 3 feet of difference from one end of the lake to another. This has significance later on in the statement.

After we had completed a leisurely dinner, Mrs. Ahern made some mention of a movie but we recognized that it was too late to attend a movie so we kiddingly suggested the television movie. The girls must have cleaned up the dishes while Mr. Ahern and I went into the front room. I am not clear on anything from dinner to the time we watched television together, but the dishes were cleared up. I think Mr. Ahem took his children home am put them to bed and my youngster must have been put to bed by my wife but I don't remember. Mrs. Ahern, my wife and I started to watch the television movie or program. I think it was a movie and as I recall now, Mr. Ahern sat over in the northwest corner of the room, that's the side toward the Lake, with a small radio turned on just loud enough for him to hear it and listen to a ball game which was in progress.
It is odd to say that 'we kiddingly suggested the television movie,' and then end up watching a television movie. It is the same as saying we kiddingly suggested going to McDonalds for our anniversary, then stating later that that is where you went.

The three of us watched the movie and Mr. Ahern reported the progress of the game a couple of times. He then either turned the game off or it had terminated and he came over to sit and watch television with us. My wife and I were sitting quite close in one chair and that is the last time I recall her in a relatively normal state, clearly. Mrs. Ahern seemed to be stimulated by our apparent affection and she sat on Mr. Ahern's lap for a short while.

Some time within the next few minutes, my wife moved to the chair I next to me because the cramped position as a result of the two of us in the chair, she said strained her back. Mrs. Ahern also moved either before or after that. We chatted as the program progressed and I became tired, relatively drowsy. I moved to the couch in the living room, situated on the west wall of the staircase and the east wall of the L portion of the living room which protrudes to the road. I lay down with my head toward the television in a prone position, holding my head and watching television. The television is on the north side of the room. My head was nearer the television set than my feet. It was toward the television set. There may have been a pilled helping to hold my head. I evidently because very drowsy and fell asleep. I recall wearing summer cord trousers, a white T shirt moccasin type loafers with no shoe strings, I am not sure of' the socks. I don't know whether I had removed my brown corduroy coat that I had put on earlier, or whether I did at this time or not. The next thing that I recall very hazily, my wife partially awoke me in some manner and I think she notified me that she was going to bed.

At this point I mark the statement as everything happening up to this point is events before the incident. When analyzing statements it is important to know this information because 25% of the statement should be events leading to the incident.

One thing to note, up to this point I have not marked all the words that I normally would (which I have done in a Word document) because there are so many fuzzy and unclear recollections that it would have confused those who are unfamiliar with statement analysis.

It is interesting to note how there is clear detail concerning them watching television, but so much unclear information concerning other events leading up to that point.

I eventually continued to sleep. The next thing I recall was hearing her cry out or scream. At this time I was on the couch. I think that she cried or screamed my name once or twice, during which time I ran upstairs, thinking that she might be having a reaction similar to convulsions that she had had in the early days of her pregnancy. I charged into our room and saw a form with a light garment, I believe.
In the previous paragraph he states 'my wife partially awoke me,' and then he states he 'eventually continued to sleep' which logically is an untruth- he was either woken up by her or partially awaken- this unclear language is an area of concern.

He recalls hearing her cry out or scream. During the rest of the paragraph he begins using fuzzy language. Fuzzy language is an indication of making up a story.

Also, many first statements out of eventual confessors start out, "I heard the gun, then looked down and saw him bleeding" while truthful... the part omitted from the statement is "I pulled the trigger, heard the gun, then looked down and saw him bleeding"- even the murderer will hear the gun...

It is interesting that he does not remember if she cried out or screamed- most would remember their perception of what they heard when something like that occurred.

CRY is also a strange choice of words. If you are trying to signal for help you literally do not cry. A more appropriate action performed by his wife would be she "screamed out?"

Anyone in the room when she was being beaten- which lead to her murder- would hear screams, calling out of the person's name who was assaulting her if this person is known to her, and crying.

'...saw a form with a light garment, I believe.' is an important part of the investigation. It is important to know where the light was coming from, because in the next paragraph he allows himself to be struck from behind- also there was a lamp missing from the room, if we could ask him it would be important to attempt to place the lamp in the room before he is eventually knocked unconscious or was the form lit from the hallway. It is thought that the lamp was used to beat her.

At the same time grappling with something or someone. During this short period I could hear loud moans or groaning sounds and noises. I was struck down. It seems like I was hit from behind somehow but had I grappled this individual from in front or generally in front of me. I was apparently knocked out. The next thing I know I was gathering my senses while coming to a sitting position next to the bed, my feet toward the hallway.
Someone would know if they were 'grappling with an inanimate object or a person.

In the previous paragraph he says 'a form' and below he switched back and forth again- even using the more personal 'he' pronoun. 'Something or someone' is odd in a statement- someone who fought with another would not say 'something.'

Then he says, 'During this short period I could hear loud moans or groaning sounds and noises'- once again logically this is not adding completely up. If someone is struggling with another for a short time would you be able to hear both loud moans or groaning sounds- groaning sounds are generally not "short" and not as loud as moans.

The way he describes his wife's sounds is how she would sound had she been badly beaten and would more likely be noticed in a longer period of time.

He is also not clear if it is his wife or someone that he is struggling with is making the noise- while we can assume that it is his wife, why does he not state that- by not clearly stating this is distancing language.

It is unclear where he is being attacked from, he clearly stated the position he watched television in, but here it is not adding up- he is entering the room so we would assume he would be heading towards the 'form' but at some point turns or twists and allows himself to be hit from the back?!?!

'...apparently knocked out' is troubling. You either are knocked out or not, if you did not see the person leave, you were knocked out. If he is lying, why would he not just say he struggled and he got away as he gave chase to the attacker- Because if he is lying he is attempting to account for time passing. Remember when people are giving false statements they are having to juggle the truth (and what they don't want to tell us) and the made up story. It is hard to do this completely, especially if you are 'speeding up' or 'slowing down' time.

To Be Continued...

Joe Jackson Larry King: I Never Beat Michael


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making Movies and Acting

One of the best ways to learn and understand about gestures is to watch TV without the sound. Take a look at the following pictures taken yesterday of a movie being filmed.

Jul 22 2009

Jennifer Lopez films scenes for The Back-Up Plan on a bench outside Central Park in NYC. Pictured: Jennifer Lopez Picture by: Janet Mayer / Splash News

Jennifer Lopez films scenes for The Back-Up Plan on a bench outside Central Park in NYC

Concern about something transpiring...when someone raises their hands it is in preparation for: eye/mouth blocking or a pacifying touch such as cradling or hugging the face with both hands.

Jennifer Lopez films scenes for The Back-Up Plan on a bench outside Central Park in NYC


Jennifer Lopez films scenes for The Back-Up Plan on a bench outside Central Park in NYC

Compassion and concern with her hand over her heart; her eyes are puzzlement or strong empathy (as if she is feeling physical pain inside as a result of seeing someone else hurt).

Also of note, notice the large rings on both of her hands, this is by design to draw more attention to her hands and gestures.◦

Science in Action:Facial Expressions

With Dr. David Matsumoto formerly from the University of San Francisco, and at one time worked with The Ekman Group. One of the founding fathers of microexpressions.
He speaks about his continued irrefutable evidence that expressions are universal in nature with his study of sighted and blind athletes.◦

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bet Quickly

Usually means they have a weaker hand. Meant to intimidate or convey they are in a hurry with a good hand. When you have a good hand, you act more purposefully.

When you see someone make a slow bet with their chips it is implying they have a weak hand. If you really had a weak hand would you be so obvious with your bet? Nope, you'd try to act as normal as possible.◦

Humming Your Words

Vinyl Ready Art - Silhouettes

You'd be surprised how many people will answer questions with a slight hum. Unless you are from the northern region of Brazil, it is not normal to sing/hum your words.

This actually happened in my own home last week. A skateboard was left behind my wife's car and she backed over it. Evidence showed my high school son had moved his bike to go to his girlfriends house. My wife asked everybody in the house who moved the skateboard. Denials. She had to ask them all several times, and was on the war path- wanting someone else to replace our elementary girl's expensive toy.

Then I heard my son's "I didn't do it" and I knew he had- and I knew what had happened.

So I told him, "You don't remember specifically moving the skateboard, and certainly do not have recollection of leaving it behind your mom's car, but your voice gave you away- you hummed your words. You're not sure, but you think you probably did move it when you got your bike, but because you do not remember the specifics you have been denying it."

Both my son and wife smiled and he admitted that was probably what happened. Case closed. Aftermath, my wife promised to buy my daughter a new skateboard.

This happens all the time, and is unmistakable when you actually hear it in person. It is residue from our childhoods where we would whine to our parents for things and in denials. In childhood, somewhere along the way, we learn it is not good to lie. We also learn if we do not outright lie, show some remorse, and if caught in a lie it is better not to be caught in a lie where we deliver it stone cold without emotion.

Post script, it comes in really handy to have the ability to tell what is going around the home, but I will let things play out as if I couldn't see a half shoulder shrug, or the lies by omissions when they are not really asking to ride their bike and instead they are really asking to go to a friends house- for that I simply say ask what you really mean. For every PRO there is an equal CON- trust me.◦

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

High Profile Person Charged With a Crime

Police officer making arrest

One of the things I have noticed over the years is how high profile people deny their charges to the media. If the person immediately begins stating things concerning attorneys and their day in court... it is not as strong of a denial as I didn't do_________ and it puts me on guard that they may be guilty.

'I'm innocent..." also does not sit well with me, cause even the guilty are innocent before the trial. I'd much rather hear I didn't do it and I will be found innocent.

If someone is stating things concerning being falsely accused and they will have their day in court and they are not showing anger or frustration- I'm on alert. If I'm innocent, falsely accused, having to pay attorneys, and putting my life on hold when I did nothing wrong... I'm not going to calmly accept things without putting out there the harshest denial possible.◦

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John Gosselin and Mystery Blond Last Night

Jon Gosselin departs dinner at Accademia di Vino with a mystery blonde, stops to pose photos, then goes for a walk together in NYC

Jul 19 2009

Jon Gosselin departs dinner at 'Accademia di Vino' with a mystery blonde, stops to pose photos, then goes for a walk together in NYC.

Take a look at Jon. I see two things going on here. One, his hand in his pocket, with thumb outside his pocket is a high confidence pose. Two, his non symmetrical smile show that it is not a true smile of enjoyment- There is some unknown emotion underneath the surface (could be- look at me, I'm on top of the world; or could be- this will really hurt Kate when she see this; who knows what he is really feeling or thinking).

The mystery blond knows a little about having her picture taken. The way her left leg is bent, turned towards Jon is a protective posture- She is saying she is more comfortable with Jon than the photographer. Her posture, and the way she holds her hand is showing a certain amount of confidence. The way she holds here head would be wrongly interrupted as shame (because she is looking down) because shame and confidence are two emotions that you do not see together.

It would be interesting to know the particulars with this dinner, with matching outfits and posing for the photographers makes me suspect it was set up to take the heat off Jon's other over-reported relationship with the teacher- this is only speculation on my part. He does look like a changed man, more sure of himself as of lately.◦

Freeze, Fight, or Flight

I've been studying in the field for a long time, and when I read about this concept in this book... it was one of those defining moments. It is not often a "new" concept is verbalized.

Joe Navarro, the author and former FBI agent, says that often we don't have only two options when surprised as is most often reported: fight or flight. We actually have three options: freeze, flight, or fight. It actually makes sense. Now I don't buy his orgins of this behavior, but the studies in this area support his conclusions.

Whenever we are faced with cognitive processing we are in fact freezing. This would be most common in interrogations at the police station- as compared to the would be attacker in the garage parking lot.

When we lie, we often show clues because we are processing information, and weighing our options.

Joe Navarro, I tip my hat to you, for being the first to recognize it and write about it in a book. Cheers!

To those of you that haven't checked out this book, I can highly recommended it- especially if you are in law enforcement, the examples he provides are from the field as a top FBI agent who several times wrote for the FBI bulletin.◦

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What is this Boxer Showing?

Prizefighter Series - Cruiserweights
Take a look, is this the face of someone who just won the boxing match?

Does it show anger?

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 19: Darren Corbett tries to scare Ovill McKenzie during the during the Final of the Prizefighter Series Cruiserweights competition at Earls Court on May 19, 2009 in London, England. (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)◦


Inside retail boutique

On a previous post I mentioned how shoplifters look at items. In this post I want to explorer the reverse of this. If someone is coming into the store with the intention of shoplifting, watch them come into the store and for the first minute they are in the store. Shoplifters will restrict their movements, in an effort to not stand out at all, and the result is they actually stand out even more because it is so unnatural.

So if you have someone looking around a great deal, and little arm movements... be alert.◦

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paul Ekman Interview with Chicago Fox Station


Friday, July 17, 2009

Sotomayor's Blink Rate

Wallace discusses Milbank's "interesting" analysis of Sotomayor's "blink rate"

O'Reilly hosts "Body Language Czarina" Reiman to Discuss Sotomayor's Blink Rate


Sesame Street's Count's Number of the Day

The science has proven when people are making up a story they are more likely to come up with the number three. It could be: I was hit three times, I heard three shots, or I was to meet them at 1:30, there were three of them.

It is called the Liars Number among investigators, and puts them on alert to possible other items in a statement that could show deceit or truthfulness.◦

What Are You Saying?

Obama Holds News Conference In The Brady Press Briefing Room

Jun 23 2009

WASHINGTON - JUNE 23: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (C) listens to U.S. President Barack Obama during a news conference in the James S. Brady Briefing Room at the White House June 23, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama was expected to discuss the high cost of health care, energy independence and the post-election disputes in Iran. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

What does this pic say? I would love to know what the President is talking about at this exact moment. All his advisers have pierced together lips, meaning they do not like what is being said. Emanuel is showing a large about of stress and concern in his forehead, he looks like a parent who is attempting to get the kids to settle down from the other side of the room- that stare that parents can deliver that stops kids in their tracks.◦

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mark Bowden Talks About Body Language

Mark Bowden is a body language experts who appears on television "across the pond" frequently. Mark is an actor who advises business managers how to use body language in their roles as company leaders.

Below is a link when Karl Moore talks with Mark Bowden and this appears in video and transcript format.

Language of the Body from the Globe and Mail, appearing July 15th, 2009.

I really like his style and video presence; if you do also- I would suggest searching the larger video web sites to see more of his work on the television; he always is entertaining, informative and interacts really well with the on air talent.◦

Sotomayor Explains "Wise Latina" Comment


Jennifer Garner Shows Spontaneous Surprise

See how the mouth opens wide; eyes open up. It is clear she is happy by the shape of her mouth and the facial muscles in her cheeks.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judge Sonia Sotomayor Shows us the Percision Grip

Confirmation Hearings For Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor Continue

WASHINGTON - JULY 14: Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor answers questions from Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) during the second day of her confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill July 14, 2009 in Washington, DC. Sotomayor faces a full day of questioning from Senators on the committee today. Sotomayor, an appeals court judge and U.S. President Barack Obama's first Supreme Court nominee, will become the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court if confirmed. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

When someone is speaking and is showing you the precision grip it symbolically conveys that they are holding that concept in their hands. It reinforces what they are saying with great precision and accuracy. It is favorite among politicians and I have heard it called the politician's grip.

If you currently find yourself pointing as you are talking, it is much better to use this gesture, as people find pointing offensive.

If you see someone almost doing this, where the thumb and the forefinger almost touch (or are not together- in varying degrees) this is a clear signal of uncertainty. I see this among all types of people, but I especially notice it with lawyers who are defending those accused of crimes which is incredibility interesting (if the lawyer is incredibility confident- which most trial lawyers are- I have to think it could be a sign that the lawyer does not have confidence in their client's guilt or innocence depending on the situation and context).◦