Friday, October 19, 2012

UPDATED: Missing Woman, Whitney Heichel's Husband's Laughs at News Conference

At 1:39 see him laugh, hide his laugh with his mouth, and then cry without tears.

Now, there is such a thing as inappropriate laughter that can appear when a person is under immense stress (like a funeral)- but it is not followed immediately us by a huge negative emotion, like we see here in the form of sadness and crying.  When we experience emotions, chemicals are released in our brains and bodies.  These chemicals  are used to regulate the body, they cannot turn as quickly as we see here.

I'm reminded of the late comedian Patrice O'Neal when he talked about a husband wouldn't be "emotional" when his wife turned up missing...

Whitney Heichel was scheduled to work a 7 a.m. Tuesday shift at an East Gresham Starbucks on Northeast Burnside Road, but never showed up. The coffee shop is a two-minute drive from the apartment she shares with her husband, Clint Heichel.

The search for missing barista Whitney Heichel, 21, came to a close Friday night when police found her body and arrested a neighbor in connection with her death.


Molly227 said...

I know that the husband is always a suspect, but in this case, I just don't see it. Her mother was surely upset and I didn't see any tears. I just don't think he would have reported her missing around 10 am and THEN go to dump the car at Walmart at 11 something. He would have known the police would be looking for it. Just doesn't make sense.

Möchtegern-Held said...

I actually don't agree. Yes he smiled. But what followed might be misinterpreted. When he realieses that he started laughing his hand goes in front of his mouth, head down, eyes down - he is in shame of the laugh. He plays this crying not (only) because he's expected to, but it seems to be a good way of hiding.
IMHO möchtegernheld

beware.iago said...

I agree with Möchtegern-Held. I've studied over 4 dozen freeze-frames of this video which tell exactly what is described in her post.

Did the same with the "home video" of Whitney (with hubby holding beer, and later, Whitney pointing at laundry room), and I believe those also tell a different story than what is being presented by media. To me, her expressions in those freeze frames look very distressed, even frightened.

Many things strange about this murder, including:
1) Why would a couple give house keys to people they "hardly know" who live across the parking lot and just moved into their apt. complex full of other JW 'acquaintances' 2 months earlier? (Who did the plant-sitting prior?)
2) why were early accounts of the specific gunshots--2 shots to head and 2 shots to chest later removed from media (that "double tap" style of kill so favored by professional hit men)?
3) If shot 4x in the car and killed 45 minutes away at a remote lake area, why drive victim's bloodied car with destroyed window back into her hometown area to use her ATM card and/or gas up multiple times (yes, caught at least once on video), then drive another 45+ minutes up a mountain to deposit her body and the front license plate, and then drive back down to town...just to leave her car at the local Walmart with more 24-hour cameras (parking in a long empty strip under the only street light, no less)?