Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Manti Te'o Combine Press Conference

So it is supposed to be about the football.  I see more duper's delight in Manti than in any other person that is the subject of a media frenzy.  I never see the emotion of embarrassment which is the emotion he used to describe the situation.

He makes several "Ironic Statements" and actually all out admits that he has learned to be more honest and admits there are several things he would have done differently.

He is a great subject to study facial expressions, he shows so much with every statement.◦


Kyzmich said...

I agree. I see a lot of Duping Delight.
However, what is interesting about this case is this he has a lot of shoulder fragments and shoulder gestures of doubt or lack of confidence. Now because he does it so often, could that be his baseline? Otherwise, if we see that as deception, he was lying throughout the whole video. So I hope someone here could clarify that for me.

I also see a lot of lip pursing, lip rolling and jaw tensing.

I find it harding reading this guy. I see him lying everywhere and I don't think thats right... I can't see his baseline or his baseline is soo different that I see it as deception...

John said...

It is important not to take every thing you see in a person body language and facial expression as deception, instead assign confidence and emotion to what you see. Every time you see a shrug of any part of the body or face it is showing a lack of confidence in the statement, not necessarily deception. Break his statements into chunks and you will see there is a pattern to his body language when speaking about certain subjects.

I would like to clarify something in the post I said about ironic statements and this particular situation: what would he need to be more honest about? When was he dishonest? It is in his statements I see previous deception.