Friday, April 30, 2010

Sex-Abuse Trial of Tonya Craft Featured on The Today Show

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April 29: A former kindergarten teacher is on trial, accused of molesting three young girls. Michelle Kosinski reports and NBC legal analyst Dan Abrams weighs in on the case that has rocked a small Georgia community.

When I watch the interview with Tonya Craft I am troubled from a Statement Analysis perspective. I also see at least one hot spot.

I would really like to see more interview footage of Tonya before telling you my impressions, so if you know of some please let me know either by posting a comment or clicking on the contact me at the bottom of the web page. Since Tonya was accused two years ago, her speech patterns and explanations could be "poisoned" because she has had to say the same thing over and over again- this can lead to a more practiced "speech" and cliches -that often are statement analysis hot spots- creep into their normal "speech."◦


Drew said...

Tell us your hotspots!

There's some "raw videos" of Tonya on the left column of this page:

But they could be poisoned, too.