Monday, May 31, 2010

Both lips Piercing Inward, says I Could Speak Now... From Oil Exec

Oil Industry CEOs Testify To House Natural Resource Committee

Lamar McKay (L), Chairman and President of BP America, and Steven L. Newman, President and CEO of Transocean, wait for a hearing of the House Natural Resources Committee on Capitol Hill May 27, 2010 in Washington, DC. The committee called McKay, Newman, and others to testify about the oil spill caused by Transocean's Deepwater Horizon drilling platform that sank while drilling for oil for BP in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you see this (the man on the right in the picture) in normal conversation, pay attention to what is said next. If nothing is said, it would be a good time to ask a question like, "What's up?"

It all depends if the situation is high stakes.

If it is a normal conversation with someone you know, it could be a sign of lack of interest. For example, if you are telling your spouse about your day at work, or golf game and see this, it is definitely a sign of lack of interest- they do not want to extend the conversation.

If you are in a high stakes situation (like a police interview) and you see this it could mean they are weighing their options and possibly want to reveal a suspicion and they may say something about their son or friend...or give you information important to your case.

In all cases it is a way to "lock down" their lips and this in itself is significant.◦