Thursday, October 28, 2010

Body Language Expert Dr. Lillian Glass, and Author of "Toxic Men" List top 10 Toxic Men of 2010

Latest reports reveal that Charlie Sheen is at it again – solidifying his position on Dr. Lillian Glass’s list of “Top 10 Toxic Men of 2010.”

We are constantly bombarded by “Toxic Men” who make the headlines. Unfortunately, these types of men are not limited to women who date and marry the rich and famous. Dr. Lillian Glass, world-renowned body language expert and “First Lady of Communication,” provides the valuable tools to help women identify the healthy qualities and characteristics in a man and avoid toxic traits using body language, voice, and speech pattern in TOXIC MEN: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable (Adams Media, November 9, 2010).

To follow is Dr. Glass’s list of “Top 10 Toxic Men of 2010”:

1. Charlie Sheen – The Self-Destructive Gloom-and-Doom Victim

2. Mel Gibson – The Angry Bullying Control Freak

3. Joran Van Der Sloot – The Socio-Psychopath

4. Bernie Madoff – The Emotional Refrigerator

5. John Edwards – The Wishy-Washy Spineless Wimp

6. Jesse James – The Sneaky Passive-Aggressive Silent-but-Deadly Erupting Volcano

7. Tiger Woods – The Seductive Manipulative Cheating Liar

8. Chris Brown – The Jealous Competitor

9. Michael Lohan – The Instigating Backstabbing Meddler

10. Kanye West – The Selfish Me-Myself-and-I Narcissist

Dr. Glass is a media personality and has also used her skills as an expert witness for both state and federal cases in the area of vocal forensics and behavioral analysis.◦