Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tiffany Hartley Body Language and Words are Concerning to Me!!!

It has been three weeks since an American tourist was reportedly shot while riding a Jet Ski on a cross-border lake between Texas and Mexico. 

While I first heard about this case on the news while traveling, it was not until today I was able to see an interview with the wife.

At 35 seconds in the video, Anderson asks how she is doing. Notice the shrug when she says she just wants her husband back. Shrug is indecisiveness; so she is not sure if she wants her husband back.

'Start figuring out what I am going to do from here'- she wants to get on with her life, which is not a sign of grief; it is a sign  that she is ready to move on from the murder of her husband, which is unusual so soon after his death.

At 2:00 Tiffany says, "'s over... and they got what I believe they need..." This is very troubling, it is not over until they have an arrest; she supposedly saw her husband murdered and it should not be over until she gets justice. is  When she is saying it is over, she means her interaction with the authorities which seems to be a recurring theme- she is ready to put this behind her.

At 2:05 Tiffany says, "...all we want is David..." - she is shaking her head no, and after she says she prays they pick up the search again she immediately purses her lips. Pursing the lips is a sign of not wanting to talk or is done sometimes after someone says something they wish they didn't. If she comes from a particularly religious family, to say something like "pray" would be subconciously troubling to her.

When she pleas for somebody to give her husband back, and honor him (interesting that honor is is used over and over again- this is a sign that she has rehearsed way the way she refers to her husband).  When she says DNA, it is interesting because for someone to be killed on the lake on a jet ski, what DNA would be available?!?! This could show premeditation, especially when combined with the confusing jurisdiction of this occurring on or near the border- what are the odds of someone being killed in these circumstances. The emotion I see here is misplaced, it should begin when she talks about honoring him- that would be the time she would be grieving and be thinking about him- the emotion starts and ends when she begins and ends speaking- emotion should ebb and flow (except when the emotion is highly intensive).

I'm always on guard when the witness points the finger at a group of people that preys on stereotypes; if I would have seen this happen I would be able to describe the details of the perp, not paint them with a wide stereotypical brush.

I haven't seen such an obvious difference between body language and emotion and what we would expect given the circumstances.◦


Jeff said...

group of people that prays on stereotypes


groffg said...

Only thing to add is that, at about the 40-second marker, she suppresses a smile (just before the shrug). Very telling that she would be smiling immediately before saying she "just wants her husband back."

Of course, no surprise that she would suppress that smile; she should be in grief, after all.

Seamus O Riley said...

Interesting body language analysis. There is the appearance on Greta, as well.

Few people have questioned her.

Here is her language:

Peter Hyatt