Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lie to Me Lawsuit

Anybody see The Social Network?

Executives at John Gertz Productions (JGP) claim to have acquired the rights to Roderick Anscombe's 2005 novel The Interview Room, about a psychiatrist who is an expert in detecting untruths, and turned it into a screenplay for a show called Lie to Lie which was offered to Fox in 2007.

The lawsuit, filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges production company bosses spent three months working with chiefs at Fox on the idea, discussing "specific plot lines not only for the pilot episode, but also for subsequent episodes" before TV heads dropped the idea.
They claim it was subsequently turned into Lie To Me.

The book is avaliable on Amazon hardcover for as little as $3.19!  See for yourself.



Keith D. said...

While there are some similarities-- a psychologist, deception detection, an "interview room" etc.-- from the description on, these two things don't look to me like they're related to each other. Still, it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out in court. If nothing else, perhaps the show's rights will transfer to a network that cares about Dr. Ekman's input and the science behind what The Lightman Group does. That might be a good thing.