Monday, March 28, 2011

Watch the Progression: Fight Erupts Over White Lady Calling Black Girls “Animals”

If only they both would have been better about reading body language and facial expressions.  Watch the man who enters and sits down, and how quickly he decides it might be good to move.  Watch her friend who changes seat positions, and her posture, and how she plays a lead role in having the conflict grow...

The real hero, is the 'hold up, hold up, chill out" guy.

Unfortunately it is not all that uncommon: this was a little different in that one of the parties was attempting to diffuse the situation, which usually works, but I would suspect both were not of sound mind.  The hero here is how a girl places herself in between them when the fight is broken up, but in the most subtle way, not many people would do this.

If you look through them, there are a common common things that happen: escalation of the communication from forceful talk to yelling; placing props to the side; both parties become more aggressive in some way.

This is raw emotion and why several law enforcement are being trained to recognize the heightened emotion, and responding in an unexpected manner (calmness).  Many times neither party wants to back down, until the conflict boils over into physical assaults.◦


Kuzmich said...

great video. This really shows a lot even though the quality is quite poor.

As soon as the she changed seats in order to have a more direct direction towards the white lady, that was the indication that something might happen. She is leaning forward meaning wanting to take action, and she is sitting with her hips or waist directly at her meaning confrontation.

Mixed with another person (her friend) to support how she is feeling, the anger between them escalates.

It is good to know the indicators when something is about to happen. It could save your life...