Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fox Cancels Lie to Me

We all saw it coming.  The first season was a gem, but then it just moved more and more towards another drama. 
It was disappointing to see this happening, just when body language was going mainstream and people were watching it to learn a little about understanding more about people. 

Not to worry, there are a few fiction authors that nail body language as it pertains to their characters and when they release their books, I'll let you know.  Until then we can always watch the first season again on dvd.

If you are too bummed to consider a world without Lie to Me, maybe this will help: Here are a couple of novels staring California Bureau of Investigation agent Kathryn Dance, the California Bureau of Investigation's foremost kinesics -- body language-expert.

These books are written by suspense/mystery writer Jeffery Deaver who has a great track record with bestsellers.

The first in the series:

Then this title:



Drew said...

I think the characters just were not very likeable -- except maybe Loker, who only got made fun of by the supposedly cooler characters. Emily was also fairly pleasant, but she was only a side character. Additionally, many of the plots were pretty hard to follow. About the only reason I watched was for the supposed science, which even as you point out was often somewhat lacking.

Kuzmich said...

what a shame that they have cancelled it. It was a good tv show in my opinion.

Michael said...

It was awesome the first year. I thought it went downhill after that. People loved it because they learned things... when they stopped teaching, it became obnoxious drama.

BTW I see you have not updated in a while....Don't go by comments as to the interest in your blog. Personally, I check it everyday.. relgiously!