Friday, June 3, 2011

What does Rep. Anthony Weiner’s body language say?

Attorney Joe Tacopina and former FBI body language expert Joe Navarro join the AM team this morning to discuss Weiner’s behavior and the legal concerns surrounding this controversy.



Michael said...

You, know, I really like and really hate Joe Navarro.

I read his first book, and learned things in it that I have not heard elsewhere, such as the concentration on the feet, and gravity defying actions etc. (not to mention some interesting anecdotes while he was with the FBI).

BUT he was SOOO non-committal in his book, (and this interview) about lying! He becomes ambiguous about things. Like, if they do this it is a cause for concern. "A cause for concern." He cannot even bring himself to say: This is a possible indication of deceit. Just like in the interview, he said certain indicators say that you should ‘look at him closer’. IT just seems like a lot of CYA, and it gets really irritating. It seems like he’s terrified that he might call someone out and later be proven wrong.

But thank you for posting this. I had looked at the Wiener video last night and had thoughts on it and wondered if anyone else in the community had any input on it.

Michael said...

Well, with Mondays new photos from, it is easy to see why he had so many indicators in his previous interview!

He might stay as a congressman, but I don't think he's gonna be mayor.