Thursday, June 9, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Crying Real Emotion This Morning?

Is it real? Is she faking emotion? Is she showing a "cry face?"

I never saw actual tears, she wiped her right eye more than the left, and wiped her nose as much as her right eye.  This is unusual. Normally we cry tears equally in both eyes, and for there to be nasal discharge there would be a great deal of crying.

Furthermore she begins wiping her eyes from the corner and along the bottom of the eyelash and outward beyond the eyelash- suggesting there would be a large tear for there to still be moisture, most people wipe the cheek, especially women with eye makeup along the bottom of their eye lash.

The "cry face" has two basic styles:
  • Extreme stress in the forehead and/or between the eyebrows, lifting of the cheeks and opening of the mouth to some degree.
  • The solemn cry is where there is little or no movement in any facial muscles, usually done when emotionally drained.
Why do we cry? Sadness, stress, even intense 'good' emotions.  All these emotions produce chemicals in the body and crying is a way to put the body in balance.  These emotions can, and often spill over into other parts of the body, hand trembles, movement in the legs, shifting of the torso.  These types of emotions also ebb and flow at varying levels through the body- With Casey we do not see any changes, and she appears like a statute except to wipe her ears or her nose...  If she was experiencing emotion we would expect to see some shifting, movement in her forehead or eyes.

It is extremely unlikely she was crying real tears, and the emotion was faked.