Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Justin Bieber's Body Language from CJBAXXTER

Okay, I'll admit it... I'm doing this so my kids tweet my site.

There is something here. Something ground breaking in the world of deception; something people who study deception and interrogations will want to know about... Ironic and true statements. I've watched hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of interviews and interrogations and my biggest contribution to the field of study is this- THERE USUALLY IS A GLARING HOTSPOT REVEALED WHEN THE SUBJECT SAYS SOMETHING THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND IRONIC...IF THEY ARE GUILTY!

I've heard husbands of missing spouses, that supposedly ran off with another man, truthfully say, "I hope I never see her again."

In this interview there is a series of questions about Justin dating girls, notice his choice of words... to me is was obvious he was walking a tightrope and that is all I'm going to say.

Remember when even our music was simpler? On a semi related note (music), they are doing a remake of the Footloose movie. I can remember hearing every song from the soundtrack on the radio, over and over again when I was in high school. The number one song, that I heard over and over again was Deniece Williams song, "Let's Hear It for the Boy."◦


Jacob said...

In your video breakdown you mentioned it's negative and weak to show thumbs outside the pocket.
I've read that thumbs inside the pocket is much more weak, and thumbs outside the pocket is a display of power.
Since I've heard the exact opposite I was just hoping you could expand a bit.

John said...

I actually believe showing the thumbs is a positive display. I'm not the person talking in the video, but have this blog to talk about all things about body language and think for the most part the person in the video gets it right, and probably made a slip about the thumbs...

Reggie's Books said...

Regarding Justin's head flicks, he use to wear his hair longer and to his right side. Anytime it fell into his face he would flick it to his right side. I think he did it this time out of habit.