Thursday, October 13, 2011

Police Release 911 Call Reporting Katelyn Markham's Disappearance


Police have released the 911 call that Katelyn Markham's fiancee placed to report her missing.

Markham, 22, of Fairfield, has been missing since Saturday when she didn't show up for work.

A link to an interview with the fiancee, here.

A link to another interview with the fiancee, here.

I did not see too much, they only odd thing was on the 911 call where he draws attention to a group of people and some event...

He does say NEVER a great deal.

Dupers delight in the second video.

No anger.

No loss.◦


Michael Stokes said...

If he was at the house, seeing the car in the drive, she not answering the phone, been together for 6 years .... and he didn't investigate?

Too much detail and calm on the call; disjointed wording and tense use.

Michael Stokes said...

Video thoughts:

Turned down lips and eyes,little affect, talks about not hurting her however, the question is where she is/has gone, expressions are lopsided [this could be a normal baseline]

kimmy said...

Okay, is he nervous or something? He is not making sense. He said her car, purse, and keys are there. Yet, he is on the way to the house. Was he there at one point and then left? How did he know her things were there? Why did he leave and now is on the way back to the house?

kimmy said...

I also noticed he hesitated to say the color red (blood is red). What was that all about?

kimmy said...

The more I listen to this guy the more red flags start going up. He really is trying to direct attention away from him by saying, "A lot" of questionable people at the harvest. Okay, maybe a few are, but a lot? Most people are not that way. I would definitely take a closer look into his background. Anyone can pass a polygraph test. They are not reliable.