Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing TOT Lisa Irwin: The Parents Continue to Stumble on thier Words

I have noticed two things that are HOT SPOTS:

  1. Both Deborah and Jeremy, when speaking about the actual time period when the tot disappeared have continually made the the mistake of using the pronoun 'we' when they each were supposedly  alone.  Deborah does this more by saying thing like "We woke up"  and when asked when the last time she saw the baby, "When we put her to bed"  - she corrects herself every time by saying 'I'  - they are speaking freely and stumble on the mistake.
  2. They never use her name.  This is distancing language.

Another odd thing is how they thank all the different departments and organizations for their help, almost like a Nascar driver fits the name of all their different sponsors in during a TV interview.  Normally I would expect the parents to be too numb, and so deep in thought and despair and would not be able to rattle off 5-10 different groups of people who are helping to find the girl.◦


Michael said...

Does this mean you are changing your mind, and considering them to at least being persons of interest?

John said...

I am chagning my mind. I saw true emotion and thought this pearson could not have anything to do with this, I now believe the emotion was grief for the loss of their daughter. This was one of the hard ones.