Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another 20 Month Old Child Goes Missing in the Night

Is this another case of the father attempting a staging of an abduction to cover up the death of his child due to abuse?!?! Too many things point that way, broken arm, mother seeking full custody...

Emotionally I find the Mother's behavior odd, she is not totally overcome by the misery that is often seen from parents of missing children... they do not talk fast... they are tired and drained.  Here we see she is actually excited that her ex husband is now seen as the bad guy to the whole world...◦


Drew said...

The mother actually seems to be smiling

APEX said...

the father seems genuinely upset, he seems to be showing true sadness, but he became overly specific when he was talking about the time he ate. Unnecessary details are typical of a lie, that throws me.

My hypothesis, is that the mother had the child taken in whatever manor, in order to get custody when the child is returned. The way she immediately accused and put herself up on a pedastool when she said, i check on my child every 20 minutes.

APEX said...

The father seems truthful, he shows genuine sadness when he is interviewed, but near the end he gives unnecessary details about the time he would eat. Occasionsaly indicative of a lie but inconclusive.

However the mother seems suspicious, like you said she dosent show any normal signs that a mother missing her child would show, she also blames the father while putting herself on a pedastool when she says that she checks on her children often.

My hypothesis, the mother had her child taken, in order to get full custody when the child is returned.