Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adam Lanza: Some Initial Thoughts

We've been here before, different setting, different victims.  

A young man isolated at a crossroads of his life where he should be moving into adulthood.

I think what is important here are the differences.

Some things I find interesting:
  • No note or "manifesto" in fact he spent a large amount of energy and time destroying hard drives.What did he want to hide from "us" when the dust settled.
  • Why kill the mother.  Usually when someone kills the mother, it is because they blame the mother for their current situation or past injustices.  This is obviously not the case, because he moved onto the school for more victims.
  • Why kill the kids?  School shootings are usually directed against peers who the gunman felt deserved it.
  • How several of the shots where take at close range to be sure the victim was dead.
  • Visit to the school on a different date before the killing spree.
What doesn't add up:
  • Suicide.  It would make sense that this was a mission that he knew would end in his death either from his own hands or from the police.  Why would he stop killing when he heard the sirens, wouldn't he want to inflict more pain?  
  • Why his mother, then the children.
  • Visit to the school on a different date before the killing spree.
  • How much attention the police have spoken about evidence from the hard drive.  It is obvious Adam Lanza was hiding something.
Now I normally have some statements to analyze, or footage from old home movies, or from people involved.  I do not have any of these in this case.  

What I have is a theory based on the actions of the shooter and statesmen analysis from the police statements that I have heard.

It is likely his mother was not the source of his violent rage.  He could have killed her and then killed himself. Why target innocent children and why visit the school earlier in the week. It could be he made a name for himself, become notoriously famous, but why not leave some sort of note or message to prove to the world how evil he is? It is a small community, we have heard it over and over, but did you know that 4 of the children lived within a one mile radius of the killer.  It is close knit, but it is a community  where none of the roads are perfectly straight even Main Street moves different angles- it is spread out. One child was his neighbor.  Remember where you heard this first:  It is plausible some sort of altercation or relationship existed between the shooter and one of the children killed.  It is possible if this would have become public it would have lasting effect on his and his mother's life.  It is possible Adam Lanza felt this was the only way out.

What was Adam Lanza hiding?  Investigators find this out, you find the motive and have a clear idea why...



Aili said...

In light of the 3/18 NY Daily News, what do you think? There was a manifesto of sorts. He didn't visit the school on an earlier date, that report was the confusion of a witness (the visitor was the son of a teacher, but not the same person as the shooter, hence the false report of the mother having been faculty). I am eager to see the full report to see what can be learned about this, and perhaps prevent another event - similar to the bullying awareness we learned from Columbine.