Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post photographer defends taking photo of subway victim: ‘No way I could’ve rescued’ him

This is a highly stressful interview, and the photographer is nervous  see his adam's apple bounce as the interview begins.

Several times he shows the micro expression of sadness when saying the name of the victim.  This tells me the photographer is not a sociopath who was thinking clearly of capturing the images of his personal gain.

He speaks freely throughout the interview, only one time does he have to stop to think what to say.

He does look from one interviewer to the other whenever he is saying anything where he is attempting to defend is actions- he is making sure he is being well received.

Matt says he is going to ask a direct question (good move in interviews) but goes on and on in asking the question, we'd have more to judge if it would have bee a simpler question like, could you have done anything to save him.

He does attempt on several occasions to shift blame to those closer to the man.  If the person who pushed the man on the tracks was walking towards him, he'd likely be scared and would not do ANYTHING to incite the dangerous person.

I believe him.  If he was lying about attempting to signal the conductor, or doing more to help the man, you'd expect to see hot spots.  What we see is natural and expected from a body language and facial expression standpoint.  The only thing we have to go on is the words he chooses, and if he could have helped the man he would be likely show mocked frustrated and anger by the questions.