Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Bishop Eddie Long Video and Video of Accuser

Ga. Pastor Accuser: 'I'm Praying for Bishop

I see a man who is speaking freely, gesturing freely, not becoming emotional and without changes in his pitch and tone- all signs of honesty.  There is nothing in his choice of words that is a hot spot from a statement analysis standpoint. He is speaking without any signs of deception.

He is nervous at times and stumbles on his words at one point.  The stumbling simply means he was thinking at the same time he is talking.  Being nervous in itself does not mean he is guilty. He does a few pacifying lip licks.  He also fiddles with his books/papers often lifting them with no apparent reason, as if to place a barrier between himself and his congregation.  I find it particularly troubling that he does not flat out say he didn't do these things. What he does say is, he is not perfect-  This is a huge hot spot.  Innocent people do not admit any guilt, they have no reason to admit anything and feel a certain amount of confidence in their innocence... I find his metaphor a bit odd, he feels like the underdog, why would you feel like the underdog if you did nothing wrong?!?!   If we look at his normal style as a flamboyant energetic preacher, wouldn't he use this 'injustice' of being falsely accused to rally public support by saying I did not do these things and pray for the misguided souls who are doing something so very painful to me, my family, my church,  in his unmistakable loud style.  Let me put it another way, if someone accused me of these things, since I would never morally do these things, I would be very vocal about being falsely accused. 

Whenever someone is accused of something and they become more mellow and subdued, it is a hot spot.  In courtrooms people charged with crimes who are obviously guilty are subdued and mellow, they have given up the fight and are just going through the motions.  We saw this with Martha Stewart's trial, where she stoically sat day after day, showing no emotion.◦


n said...

When I first saw this it felt to me like a confession. He seems tired and resigned, as if the jig is up.