Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am Bothered by Michaele Salahi's Confession That She Has MS


I know a great deal about MS for a variety of reasons... When I watch this tape, which is the first time she states she has the disease, I see something that is very troubling to me (as someone who notices inconsistencies in body language, words, and gestures)- whenever I see someone switch emotional gears very quickly, as I see in this video, my first reaction is to question what is being said.

I find it odd, how she couldn't actually say that she had this terrible disease, but so quickly flashes a dubbers delight smile to her husband, and then even more quickly once again gains composure and control of the interview.

Having MS is not something you keep hidden from others (especially those closest to you), and it is something you can live with for decades.

Emotionally she is is not acting like someone who has MS; every person I have ever meet with MS is strong and has come to terms with the affects of MS. Never, in any interview I have seen, do I see her explain any of the symptoms she has experienced, which is a common since the effects can differ among those with the disease. The process to be diagnosed with the disease is something that takes a great deal of time and several symptomatic episodes to diagnose.

I fear what we are seeing is another attempt by this person to say anything to get more attention and sell more books. I have come across others with this same type of personality both personally and professionally, and we've all heard about others claiming faked illnesses (that they or their children have) to receive attention. She has been caught in several lies: like being a Redskins cheerleader, she lied about having an invite to the White House, and I would suspect those closest to her take everything she says about herself with a grain of salt.

She is becoming more unstable as she continues to escalate her 'pranks' and she will be unable to meet her growing craving for more attention; if she does not get professional help soon, her life will implode which could be dangerous for herself and those around her.◦


groffg said...

Great blog; just found it recently & like. I agree w/ your analysis - no real sadness & certainly appears to be duping delight, as you mentioned. Given the supposed despair, I would have expected to see the contracting in the brow (that is esp difficult to do voluntarily) - that was absent. And the flashes of happiness were extremely incongruous with the verbal info she was conveying (as you pointed out).

I'm not familiar with her work at all, but as an actor, I'm not seeing a lot of effort on the part of portraying the relevant emotions to fit the scene.

God Hates Me said...

I don't even know what to say. There is an incongruity in her emotions like every two seconds. The only possible comment is: "Are you kidding me?" And the hosts just go along with it.