Monday, September 13, 2010

OH MY GOSH: Kiesha Abrahams parent's media interview

I just found out about this missing girl. The mother is fake crying, and is crying out to avoid answering the questions from reporters- not from real emotions.

This video is also the clearest example I have seen -showing us that the lack of gestures- definitely is telling us there is likely parental involvement. It is unnatural to hold the same gesture for an extended period of time.

Reading a few quotes from the step-father online, they are clear examples of statement analysis' hot spots.

It is so over the top, I almost thought it was a spoof. Unfortuantely it is not.



Clubsprint said...

When Robert Smith is asking for someOne to come forward he is shaking his head. His body language is saying "NO, DON'T COME FORWARD'.
Classic lying body language.