Sunday, November 14, 2010

Demi Lovato Spokesman Speaks, But What is Said and Not Said?

Press Conference to announce the Nominations for The 2010 American Music Awards held at The JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. Live , California on October 12th, 2010. Demi Lovato                                               Fame Pictures, Inc
A spokesman for troubled teen idol Demi Lovato on Wednesday denied the Disney actress was being treated for drug or alcohol addiction.

Here is what was said:

"Demi Lovato is not in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. As we have said since she entered treatment last week, Demi decided to seek help for emotional and physical issues she has battled throughout her life," Lovato's spokesman Jesse Derris said in a statement.

"She has taken this step in order to get her life in order. While we know many are interested in Demi and her life, we do ask for a modicum of privacy during this difficult time,"

What really stands out to me is the word choice of "emotional and physical issues" and we know word choice is all important, especially to a spokesman. 

It is curious he does not say what she is actually suffering from, perhaps stress or depression? Instead choosing to use the unspecific words, is this because he (or they) feel by being more honest may affect her popularity?  Is it because they are hiding something?

We also have to be aware of the order chosen, if he had said "physical and emotional issues" it would have a slightly different meaning.

Now the most interesting thing, is not what was said, but what wasn't said. The Spokesman never directly denies that she does not have a drug or alcohol problem, he simply says she is not in treatment for addictions to drug or alcohol. People who speak on behalf of their clients very craftily choose their words in the statements that are released.  They are paid to diffuse the situation, and by using the above language  it is clear we are not getting the whole story- they are giving just enough to attempt to dispel the rumors and help their client.◦


gonz said...

People go to treatment for many reasons which they think that is destroying their life. I don’t really care about her reason to be treated, what matter really is that she is determined to become better not only to herself but to others as well.