Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Voice Stress Detector- Man who took on the Mafia: The truth about Italy's gangsters

To learn more about Roberto Saviano, read this article.

I was asked by a reader to examine the below video.  I am not fluent in Italian, but after a few overseas assignments, I like to examine things from a purely body language and voice analysis perspective. 

Here is the video:

I can tell you he fully rehearsed what he said.  His gestures are NOT rehearsed and display confidence (for instance, in the way he holds his forefinger against his thumb when making a precise points) in his words. 

There were times when Roberto exhibited high stress levels in his voice when talking about certain subjects; and often during pauses he exhibited pacifying gestures (rubbing head and neck). 

Now onto the voice stress analyzer results:
Normal disclaimer, voice stress analysis is not an exact science and the results are much debated. It is only one tool that an investigator uses. The results can only help define the investigation and voice stress analysis is not meant to solely determine innocence, guilt, or deception.

  • The subject was NOT EXCITED at all during the conversation.
  • The subject was CONFUSED during much of the conversation.
  • The subject was HIGHLY CONFUSED from time to time.
  • HIGH STRESS was detected from time to time.
  • It looks like the subject didn't want to talk about some of the issues.
  • The subject was truthful and only a few inaccuracies and deceptions were detected.
Truthful: FINAL RISK LEVEL: 0.9%


cliente #002 said...

so he's truthful or not?

John said...

He is being truthful in most of his statements- 99%. Three times it detected slight deception. Without understanding the actual language, when it detected deception I believed he was speaking about a conclusion that could be determined or assumed based on the facts he did know as ture. In each of the circumstances he was making a backward gesture as if talking about someone or somthing from another region or about a concept that could be assumed based on the facts he did have. He is truthful, but with all aspects of truth, it is never always black and white. Never always all black and all white.