Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

While they both showed great grace, they were also very nervous. In the above video you can see them both fidgeted repeatedly and their blink rate is a sure sign they were feeling the pressure of performing without blunders.

One thing I noticed is how William is very connected to Kate, and cares deeply for Kate you can see this in the way he helped her several times, was always mindful of being there for her,  and the way he held her hand.◦


Judy Croome said...

And the way he took her bouquet and held it as she climbed out of the landau as they arrived back at Buck Palace was also a good sign.

Under such an intense spotlight, they did wonderfully well and it was such a lovely Royal Wedding (except for a few hideous hats and dresses worn by the distinguished guests.)
Judy, South Africa