Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video: My Inconclusive Findings-Appeal For Help To Find Missing Swindon Woman

See the video by clicking on this link:

Rubbing the forehead is a sign of stress, but it also conveniently is a way to eye block.  Emotion is present in the beginning of the statement, but he recovers.  I would like to see a baseline of the boyfriend; it appears he talks out of the side of his mouth.  I would like to make sure this is always the case.  He is reading the statement, but never once looks at the cameras or press, even after the statement is read.  Most people would want some ‘feedback’ to their message; this is his opportunity to plea for information and/or her return.  I have watched his final words, and the micro expression, and how his hand touches his face some 10+ times when he finishes the statement and find it interesting, but cannot draw conclusions, but there is something there...

“We’d really like to be left alone” is not what you’d expect from someone asking for help from the public in finding the missing woman.  This is a huge hotspot.  Most people in similar situations would stay up for days and would repeatedly talk to whoever would listen if it meant there was a glimmer of hope that it would bring her back.

When you compare the boyfriend statement to her brother’s statement (which is natural and just as heart felt) it highlights the ‘unnatural’ statement by the boyfriend.

I am unsure if this is simply a huge case of nervousness and shyness, but should be examined if this does not fit with the normal behavior of the boyfriend.

Unfortunately her body was found 5 days later.



Kuzmich said...

Wow this video is interesting. A lot of strange tells. We see a lot of stress, worry, fear, sadness. But to me, I also see a little bit of shame for some reason. It could be just me but he seems to be ashamed of something.

I don't want to make any wild accusations, but it seems that he might feel ashamed for not telling the whole truth because someone is forcing him not to say something.