Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Judge Belvin Perry who is Residing in the Casey Anthony Trial has Happy Feet/Legs

There are people who for a variety of reasons are always moving their legs or feet.

I even have seen a commercial for a pill to reduce this effect, which is a little crazy, unless it is for strictly neurological reasons that the shaking occurs, if not the drug companies are once again treating the symptom instead of the root cause.

Most often this movement is a result of excess adrenaline in the system, and the person is subconsciously burning off the adrenaline.

I have seen this occur because there was excessive internal struggles in a male individual who was going through the gender reassignment process. When he was dressed as a male would constantly be moving his legs  and when dressed as a woman her legs would be perfectly calm- the individual never knew this, but it was clear to me he/she was making a decision that he/she felt most comfortable with. 

I have also seen this with a person playing poker when they just had been dealt a big hand.

It is likely the judge in this high profile case knows that his every move and word will be documented, and recorded, and analyzed, and his system is either creating nervous energy or he is experiencing general excitement that shows in his body language in the form of lower body movements.◦