Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breaking News: Payton Manning Not Likely to Return to Football According to his Undecided Body Language

Living in in the Indianapolis area this story hits home- especially when it is clear that his body language is showing more than his words.

The video has been removed from YouTube and all the local television stations. Here is a link to a story about the interview, http://www.wthr.com/story/15952595/peyton-manning-i-miss-playing

In an interview in the Colt's locker room last week Peyton spoke with reporters. The one thing that is clear is Peyton Manning is no closer to knowing if the surgery has worked. He continues to give his strongest impression with his body language and the obvious shoulder shrugs. Shrugs are the biggest sign of indecisiveness. He does not think he will be able to show any improvement by December, and in February the Colts have what may be their biggest decision in the franchise's history.

Below are some key statements from Peyton Manning in quotes, where he clearly shrugs. (See if you can see the statements where he shrugs with his feet.)

“...I miss playing...”

“...I’d love to...”

“...go play again...”

He is unsure about these statements.

“...in December...” doesn’t appear he expects to be any better to be able to play…

“...hope things are better...”

Concerning the one year part of the contract, “...my recommendation...”

“...fair for the Colts to make their decision...”

“Sure hope we are better”

The statement analysis says even more, when combined with the nonverbals.

Also it is important to note, it has also been released that the neck surgery was because he has lost some arm strength.