Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Costas on Sandusky Interview

Where to start and when to end. 

I've had to deal with cases with these types of allegations and they are hard to stomach.  Sandusky REALLY believes he has done no wrong, and his done more good than harm- and the good should make up for the misdeeds. Unfortunately many abusers like Sandusky do not understand the long term affects of a "relationship" with someone who is too young to understand what is going on- this is why we call them predators.  Unfortunately this is a classic case of a pedophile who groom victims.

 From Sandusky own words, notice how he can confidently answer some questions (meaning he has a different internal definition of "abuse" than you or I) while others he has to repeat the questions (meaning it is a sensitive question and he needs more time to think of an answer).

When Bob asks him, "Is that it?" after Sandusky says he should not have showered with the boys, Sandusky responds, "That is what hits me the most."  In this statement he lets us know there are other things that he should not have done, but the worst occurred in the shower.

When talking about what happened int he shower with the young boy, Sandusky uses the words "POSSIBLY snapping a towel or horse play" to try to explain the sound.  Whenever a person uses 'fuzzy' language like possibly, maybe, perhaps it is likely not true- it either happened- snapping a towel- or did not...

If you hear the entire interview there are several hot spots...◦