Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Awkward Pose on the Red Carpet

What is this all about?  This has become the body language issue of the week!

It is meant to be sexy. When a beautiful woman shows "more" skin that is usually covered by fabric, guys cannot resit the urge to look, and hope for more and more skin. It does not matter if the woman is in a pioneer dress to the ankles, if we see the skin of the lower leg, it has the same effect.  Guys are very primitive when it comes to sexuality. There is a lesson here for every woman.

The best at this was... believe it or not... Jessica Rabbit...

Off course it is a whole lot easier when you're a cartoon.

But it falls short when it is practiced, contrived, and not at all natural. Hindsight is 20/20, but if she would have consulted me about the pose I would have told her to move around naturally in a circle when the photographers wanted a shot of her in the dress, move into the pose, and immediately out of the pose, and under no circumstances hold the pose.  The photographers would have caught her at her most sexual and it would have seemed natural.  Also notice how she holds her head and her facial expressions, she is going for a certain coy look.  A look that does not fit with the setting, it would work great for the after Oscar party, but not on the red carpet.  

What she does great is the angles with her arm...