Monday, July 9, 2012

Did Youth Hockey Coach Trip teen on Ice?

I think it is pretty obvious, what is interesting is the dominant gesture the coach displays by pointing his finger at the boy after regaining his balance.  This is not something where he is saying, he tripped.  If the boy tripped there would be some confusion on the part of the coach as to what happened- Soon-to-be charged coach. Former coach. Shameful coach.

It is also interesting how everyone there knew it was a dominant act done by a man against a boy. Class act.  Broken wrist by someone behind the boy. Should be charged, his clear actions cause bodily injury to a minor.  

Unfortunately, it doesn't list the name of the coach, who I feel should never be trusted about anything, ever again. Someone who would do this, would do about anything given the opportunity, and his obviously uncontrollable emotion, or knowledge of what is right and wrong.