Monday, July 2, 2012

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Divorce

This is the last public appearance of the couple who have recently  stated through their PR people that they are getting a divorce.

Some things to notice is the way they are very careful about hold they hold themselves, if you could see the video you would see two people very careful about their hands, this tells me they are mindful of the other presence which doesn't occur with people that are always with each other.  There is a certain tenseness about how they deal with each other.  Another thing: look at the way they are holding hands in the second picture, this is a more proper way to hold hands.  When I see this I think of royalties.  Looking at the video, they also are not as close to each other as much as they usually are.

Take a look at the following pictures when they were happier with each other.

The way a couple interacts with each other is very telling.  In the past I have mentioned about couples and how their interaction on the red carpet has shown stress in their relationship (Brad and Angelina) but a month later they were back to their old affectionate ways.  We shall see...



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