Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Charlie Rogers Alleged Victim of a Hate Crime to watch the video.

She is showing true emotion, but with any emotion we can not know what is causing the emotional response.

When you watch this video look for the following hot spots:

  • Where is she most emotional? most animated?
  • Watch when she points to her stomach, where a word was carved into her flesh.

Things that are curious:

Three is a liars number.  

"...pawn in a game that isn't my game...didn't ask for this, didn't want it..." -why is she calling it a game? Why do we never see anger from her?  If I was a victim I would expect to see anger directed towards her attackers and everybody not believing her.

"...people are people and agendas are agendas..." -what would be an agenda of someone who is accusing her of making up the story?  I think 99.95% of people are against hate crimes of any sort.

"I was hurt, what maters is the story." -then she shows happiness which is the wrong emotional response given the situation.  The "story" is what she once again is more concerned about. 

"This is an investigation, this is a crime." - True on all levels.  Once again, the statements that are ironic no mater if being truthful or dishonest are a hot spot in my book; especially when it is said with such confidence.

"Ignites fires, that is a good thing in some ways." -Once again we see certain words and themes that raise red flags.  Agenda. Ignite fires- or rather ignite discussion.  Story.

We hear her use "other victims" on a couple of occasions, but we never hear her say that her attackers must be caught.  She is more concerned about other victims and it is implied that that it would be different attackers.

She wanted this story to be her 'platform' for some sort of reform or she was strictly seeking attention. Cutting oneself is a cry of help- it is an outward wound that signifies the pain from within.

She was charged with false reporting of a crime...