Friday, August 31, 2012

Winona Ryder at the Venice Film Festival Showing Surprise or Fear

This is an unique picture and one that people who have received advanced training would find interesting.  Eyes are showing either fear or surprise, at which point we need to look at the forehead and mouth.

Trained people do all their looking in split seconds.

Trained people would know this expression is 'faked' because all parts of the face are not matching, which we would not expect given the  high level of movement in her facial muscles.

Further explanation: If it was fear we'd likely see some worry lines in the forehead  and if it was fear you'd not see a slight smile- could be surgery?!?!  If it was surprise the lips would be less stressed.

What one picture does not tell us is that this was her expression during most of the red carpet walk.◦


Linda Ndaba said...

How about the shoulders; they're slightly raised and a nice self-touch gesture with her hands. It is possible that, her facial expression could be a "Fear - Happiness blend" (Paul Ekman - Unmasking The Face)

Möchtegern-Held said...

I've seen several Videos and close up sequences of her that day. By the look of her eyes in that time: they constantly seem to search. On the other hand: all the time outside on the red carpet her pupils wear extremly wide.
A german TV show reported about some lately happening that could cause fear in a dangerous way - I can't remember details at this moment, sorry. But I'd say she's absolutely in panic! And...she tries to hide it at it's best. Closed slightly smiling mouth under control not to quiver. Protecting arms in front of her genital area. Tense neck. Self-touching.

Linda Ndaba said...

I decided to look for some videos of her on the Red Carpet that night, I think this video is worth taking a look at; lots of facial movement: