Friday, August 3, 2012

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting Victims

From a survivor and gun control advocate who put down his newborn baby and left his girlfriend and two children in the theater, got in his truck and drove away from the theater.
You can see it is faked emotion on the part of man, no tears, no ebbs and flows of emotion. He proposed to his girlfriend later that night, likely out of extreme guilt for his actions- she said yes.

Watch her body language and expressions throughout the interview. It is obvious what she is feeling and thinking.

Contrast the previous video with the below video of the man who saved her and her kids life.

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I offer these videos from television interviews to the readers of this blog with certain reservations.  I think what happened is terrible and no one should have had to go through what those people in the theater did.  There is only one person responsible for what occurred that night.  Everyone in that theater suffered. No one deserved any of this.  Everyone was a victim.  These videos offer us an opportunity to see the heighten emotions and expressions of people who have experienced an highly traumatic event.  They are a very good learning tool, especially for first responders, police officers, medical personnel, and all of us that interact with people who have experienced a traumatic event. ◦


purpledot said...

Pardon my ignorance but what she is feeling and thinking isn't at all obvious to me. I would very much appreciate hearing your opinion.

John said...

See how she looks away, down, purses her lips. She wants to argue with him when he is explaining why he left and why he didn't come back. Also notice how HE could/couldn't life with himself if she or the kids were killed/lived. She is not happy with his actions, and notice how her emotions are opposite of what we'd expect. She is suffering emotionally from the trauma, but it is clear she hasn't had the opportunity to confront him for his lack of bravery.

purpledot said...

Thank you. I can see now that sometimes she seems agitated and at one point I think she almost rolls her eyes. At about the 1 minute mark, she nods her head slightly when he is talking about the circumstances in which he abandons the baby - how do you interpret this?