Monday, December 6, 2010

Part One: Body Language Expert Evaluates Damien Echols of the "West Memphis Three" on Death Row

GRADY, Ark. - The life of a death row inmate: Damien Echols has been on death row for almost two decades. Echols and two other boys were dubbed the "West Memphis Three" after being convicted for the murders of three West Memphis cub scouts in 1993.

Marti Miller a private investigator and body language expert. Miller has been reading body language for more than three decades- first as a police officer and now as a private investigator.



Laurie Endicott Thomas said...

The itchy nose thing is a myth.

Incidentally, the number of genuine cases of satanic ritual homicide in the history of the United States seems to be zero, but the number of people who have been falsely convicted of such crimes is disturbingly high.

bellajane25 said...

So, what I learned from this video is that it was inconclusive and she has no idea whether he's telling the truth or not. Yes he seems nervous at times but I agree he hasn't had much dental work done and he doesn't see people a lot. If he can convince himself of anything after all this time why didn't she analyze the earlier clips from the documentaries?