Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School Board Shootout Violence in Florida [Full Version] Raw Video Uncut

Please be aware this video is graphic.

 This is very unusual for several different reasons. 

He is not in the "fight" emotional state; notice how he doesn't even remove his hand from his pocket when  he is firing the weapon.  Notice how he raises the gun in a matter of fact manner-  He then is making the conscious decision to shoot and where to shoot. 

Notice the reactions of the male members of the board.  Freeze and flight are seen, but all to varying degrees.

The way the people move is very real, but totally different than we'd see in movies and on the television.◦


Michélle said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say.
It's so strange to watch him being this calm before he shoots. Like there are no signs of rage which is what you would expect.

I'm wondering if his calmness is due to the fact that he knows he will take his own life? I've heard that once people who have decided to do so, they appear calm and happy because they are content about their decision and are actually looking forward to that "freedom" from their problems..

Do you think this might be the case here?

Wayne said...

I pretty much agree with you michelle, His calm casual approach towards what he was doing suggests his actions were premeditated, He went there knowing exactly what he was going to do.

the person he shot, id say he had decided to shoot way before he walked into that room.

This was a revolution to the shooter, Suggested so by the V (for vendetta) he wrote on the wall. He even states "im going to die today".

To me how he raises the gun suggests thats what he came here to do. It wouldnt surprise me if it turned out the shooter had psychological problems. Psychosis or something simular. perhaps believeing his actions would steer a revolution of sorts. Like in the film i guess.