Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Should Mike Vernier be a Person of Interest? Mike Vernier is asking for the public's help in finding missing wife Denise Vernier.

I am immediately on guard when someone is offering, that everything was okay (several times).  Stumbling on his choice of words. Who said everything was okay and no problems? This is what I would ask if I was interviewing him.  See the shoulder shrugs, clear signs of indecisiveness.  Notice the way he is shaking his head.   This is clearly what we call 'clusters' and clusters of 2 or more are clear signs of anxiety about the subject matter of the conversation and is an area where follow up is needed.

When he says may have gotten a ride, notice how he no longer stumbles on his words, at this point it is a rehearsed script, and we need to be on guard when a person reverts to any script- this show us a possible practiced script and an unlikely explanation for her disappearance.

Wouldn't it be more logical that she had some sort of accident than getting a ride?!?!

"...may have got a ride..." makes no sense, and it is likely she was last alive in the car riding with his wife, as she rode to the place where she was killed.

"...go out further..." could also be a clue that she is located farther away than where they are currently searching.◦


Wayne said...

I would not be surprised to find that she was Found dead. (i should point out i dont know how long ago this video was filmed or if indeed they have found a body yet)

The thing i noticed was when the 'presenter?' on the left asked "she could be alive" When mike Replys "yeah" hes comforting him self with his hands.

he's plea is rather weak also. I have bipolar. Medication avoids mood swings. and episodes.

Mike could be comforting himself over the fact his wife might be dead i guess. But that with his clusters. and indecisiveness id think he had murdered her or at least knew she was dead.

Kuzmich said...

I guess we must also consider that he might be getting stage fright. Because he is on TV, he may be getting mind blanks and may show anxiety signals. I know I would be...