Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Discreetly give people the finger all day…"

I got a book on my desk with all kinds of suggestions for transforming your life from dull to interesting, day 16 sounds good... and rewarding.

If you see this in real life, it is called a gestural slip and often signifies true feelings.



Wayne said...

Am i right in thinking a gestural slip would be more hidden than some of those in the picture. I know ive noticed a few of the "scratching my face" slips and what not.

But i remember reading a previous post, it was a picture of an actress and trying to figure if her Face was showing a "fake Smile" or disgust. (i think it was) she was holding her kids hand, and her other had was free, with a clear partition between her Gesturing finger. Couldnt this be the same thing as above?

John said...

You are right, she was subconsciouosly giving the photographer the finger...