Thursday, December 16, 2010

Could this be the Smiley Face Killer?

Close-up of an array of frowning smiley faces

For years there has been speculation about the existence of Smiley Face Killer(s), because a number of young men have been found, drowned in rivers and lakes across several states over the last decade.  Two New York Detectives,  Gannon and Duarte have believe this is the work of a serial killer(s).  The 'victims' fit a profile of being popular, athletic, and good students and being last seen leaving a bar or party late at night, after drinking.  Many police departments  find it hard to believe this a work of a serial killer, and it is easier to believe that these are all accidental drownings of inebriated men.  The funny thing is: smiley faces are found on boat ramps, docks and bridges near the water where the bodies are recovered.

Another twist was there was a serial killer names Keith Jesperson , who was dubbed the 'Happy Face Killer' The nickname began because he signed anonymous confession letters with a smiley face.  Guess what he did for a living? He was a long-haul truck driver.

I have a Google New Alert for: 'Smiley face' killer.

This popped up today:

"The unemployed truck driver who police suspect is the "honeybee" killer loved ham radio, hunting and smiley face emoticons.."  Read the full story.

I would hope local investigators would cross reference his driving records (Milford Trucking Company) with the deaths of these young men.

Many current serial killer do have strong interests in other serial killers; several active serial killers are believe to be truck drivers (Articles about link between Truckers and Serial Killers); stressors usually trigger violent activities with those who are serial killers, lived a solitary lifestyle,  and those who knew him are saying, "He seemed to be a little bit different" and"he was a different kind of character"◦