Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Husband's 911 call: Henslee is missing

I have not been following this case at all, but got a message that the 911 call had been released.  As you know 911 calls are very important part of any investigation, after all it is the first contact with the police and often this first interaction can quickly lead investigators to a suspect- the caller.

I listened to the call not knowing any of the background and thought the husband acted 'normal' given the circumstances.  If someone is calling the police and had something to do with her disappearance they will often speak with too much emotion and start adding information (almost immediately) to support their alibi.  He does neither of these things.

He does some things that put me on alert:

  • His reference to 9:30 as the time she went missing.  This logically does not add up from a statement analysis standpoint.  wouldn't it be more accurate to say sometime before 10:00, or between the time he left and when he returned home.
  • Does not know of anyone he could call to ask if they had seen his wife.  This is strange and could be a clue that he was a jealous controlling husband who kept her isolated to "maintain their relationship" and keep outside forces from intruding.
  • No emotion in his voice.  We'd have to have his baseline to determine if this was normal for him.  Talk to people he worked with and interacted with, see if he was emotional, angry or mad in the past. See how he dealt with conflict. 
  • At one point in the call he does give the appearance that he wants to put this behind him.  Often people who have done something bad/wrong simply want to move on (and often lack the normal emotional response of grief or pain associated with a missing or murdered spouse). 
  • At first I was very taken back by his assertion that his wife must have left with someone, and my ears perked.  He states this on two different occasions in the different calls with the police.  That would be odd, if they lived in town where she could have just as easily walked to a neighbors house or a store.  It is likely they lived in a rural area (especially if the first bullet point proves to be true).
Find out what happened by reading this article, Amy Henslee's husband talked to Junior Lee Beebe Jr. twice on the day she was killed

Now we can go a step further and make some logical assumptions based on the information presented:
  • The victim lead an isolated life, likely because the husband wanted it to be that way.  No keys to your own home?  No friends he could call to check with?
  • The other victim was friends with either Junior Lee Beebe Jr.  and/or Amy Henslee- or both, and this was not known to her husband.
Some questions that screams to be answered:
  • How did Junior Lee Beebe Jr. convince Amy to leave with him?
  • Was Tonya Howarth with her at the time, at Amy's house and they both left together with Junior Lee Beebe Jr.?
  • Did Junior Lee Beebe Jr. use a ruse involving Tonya to lure her to his home?
  • Did Tonya just happen to find herself at the wrong place at the wrong time?
  • Was this a sexual assault on one or both of the women and their deaths were done to cover up this crime?
  • Did one or both of the victims have a relationship with the accused that predates the date of their murder?
  • Did the three of them hang out together at other times?
  • We cannot assume that she didn't answer the telephone call; or ignored the call.  Records need to be chaecked. 
  • We need to know exactly when he arrived home to check on her, and when he called the police.  Micro analysis of the time and events of everyone is required.  There are likely large gaps of time unaccounted for.
There appears to be some other statements made by both the arrested and the husband.  In the next couple of days I will take a further look at these and see if we can learn more from these items.