Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russell Williams Interrogation

Interrogations are like a Dance. There is a flow that develops that is dependent on personalities, communication styles, and the needs and motivation of the interviewee. It is important to know that this interrogation started around 3pm and it is not until almost 5 hours later that Russell Williams indirectly confesses by asking the interviewer, "Do you have a map?"

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Things that you should watch for:

  • Body language, Russell Williams shows several times that he is stressed, for example when he holds his hand on the front of his neck.
  • He is thinking a great deal of time, frozen in time, as he weighs his options, or lack of options.
  • The patience of the interviewer.  These things do not happen like they do on TV or at the movies.  Notice the style and what the interviewer says.  He has several different options and ways to to guide the conversation.  He never plays things aggressively. 
  • As Russell Williams speaks, pay special attention to the things that motivate him (not the reasons he committed the crimes) but rather, what is he concerned about as a result of this interrogation. These are things that the interviewer could use to his advantage.
  • Russell Williams is defeated from the point he knows about the boot print and tire print. 
  • Indirect confession.  There are not Perry Mason moments in real life, they do not happen.  If you can crack the first indirect admittance of guilt, it becomes easier to gain more and more information, and you have a confession.  Too often, I have seen after the first admission and the detective or lawyer simply stops, because they have all that they think they need; this interrogation lasted almost 10 hours.

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