Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Book Offers Body Language Advice to Leaders

"The Silent Language of Leaders" is the first book that ties effective body language to leadership results. Author, Carol Kinsey Goman shows how nonverbal communication impacts a leader's ability to negotiate, manage change, build trust, project charisma, and promote collaboration. 

Body language is the management of time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, vocal prosody, touch, facial expression, eye contact and breathing. The latest research in cognitive neuroscience and social psychology proves that body language is crucial to leadership effectiveness. 

- Five mistakes you can count on people making when they read your body language. 

- How to judge your personal "curb appeal." 

- the two sets of body language followers look for in leaders. 

- The body language savvy needed for negotiation, leading change, and building collaboration. 

- How gender differences in body language impact the effectiveness of male and female leaders. 

- Mirror neurons, leadership, and emotional contagion. 

- How to "fake" charisma.