Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Language as a Window into Human Nature

This is one of the best videos I have seen combining both language, communication, and  relationships.

If you are a fan of Survivor season 22, “Redemption Island,” you were likely blown away by the last Tribal Council. To understand what happened, watch this video.

If you understand the concepts here you will be a better communicator and interviewer.

Imagine how you could 'allow' someone being questioned for a crime to use an "indirect speech act" and innuendo to start to explain what happened. Along the lines of, "For someone who would have killed him, what might be someone's reasons?"

This is one of those things that takes everything to a whole new higher level; while at the same time explains what we all have experienced over and over in our lives.◦


Anonymous said...

Really interesting concepts here. The idea of shared knowledge playing a role in how we communicate makes a lot of sense. :D

I like the drawings too.